10 New Years Resolutions for the Beautiful, Pregnant You!

Posted by Kelly Pellett January - 1 - 2014
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The Stork Magazine New Years Resolutions As 2013 has come to a close, it’s time to celebrate, anticipate, and plan for your 2014 baby! Whether you give birth in January, have to wait until September, or you’re planning for an end of the year baby, New Years resolutions are a great way to prepare for your motherhood! Here are our top 10 pregnancy resolution suggestions for 2014:

1) Get into a pregnancy exercise routine. Although rock climbing, football, and gymnastics are out of the question, there are many other activities that can keep your pregnancy fit and safe. Sign up for exercise classes specifically for pregnant women, such as pre-natal yoga or aerobics. Not only will you feel great, but also you may meet some new lifelong friends.

 2) Eat healthier. The New Year is a great time to start eating healthier, especially if you’re pregnant. Treat yourself with meals packed with protein, fruits, vegetables, and iron. You can even work on your cooking skills and become creative with healthy options!

 3) Stay away from negativity. Try to stay away from people and things that make you feel inadequate. Women everywhere are bombarded with messages that they need to look and feel a particular way, and it is oftentimes harmful to their self-esteem. Your body is experiencing many changes, both physically and hormonally, and you do not need any extra stress. Surround yourself with people, activities, and media that give you confidence and remind you of how beautiful you are.

 4) De-stress. Your life is busy and you have a million things to do, but please don’t forget to take care of yourself. Make a plan to seek help if you are feeling overwhelmed. Don’t be afraid to see a therapist or join a support group to help keep things in perspective. Be aware of your limits and focus on what you can do if you are having anxiety.

 5) Learn to ask for help. Life is hectic, and you may posses the talent of perfectly juggling work, family, and hobbies while keeping a smile on your face. Although your boss may love your self-sacrificing attitude, your emotional and physical health will not. Don’t be afraid to pick up the phone and call your best friend for a favor. This one simple step may impact your pregnancy in a positive way and improve other areas in your life as well.

 6) Make a financial plan. It’s never too late, or too early, to start preparing financially for your new addition. Start thinking about what items you need to buy for baby and price them out accordingly. You can brainstorm creative ways to save money. Have a caffeine frenzy? Collect the money you usually spend on your coffee and put it away for your baby items. You can also save money by shopping at secondhand stores or by taking on fun DIY projects.

 7) Involve family. If possible, involve your close family by including them in your pregnancy experience.  Use these precious months to reconnect with those who you rarely spend time with. Your mother and sister will probably be thrilled to help pick out the crib and plan the shower. The relationships that your child will have with his or her grandparents and extended family will be precious to them, and a new baby can bring abundant joy to the family.

 8) Keep a pregnancy journal. When did you find you were pregnant? What was daddy’s reaction like? How did you tell him? What were your emotions when you saw the first ultrasound? These questions will have answers, but how will you immortalize them? Keep a journal of each amazing moment you experience while pregnant. You will love reading them years later, and so will your child.

 9) Read. Your pregnancy is the perfect time to learn about baby’s development in the womb. An incredible event is transpiring inside your body, and it is exhilarating to understand what is happening to your baby at each exact moment. There are multitudes of books on this topic that you can choose from. If you are on bed rest, or just need to relax, now is the perfect time to read the pile of books on your nightstand that you haven’t touched yet.

 10) Get on a good sleep schedule. Are you a night owl? Do you love staying up all night working on projects? Maybe you mostly engage in late night social activities. If you are considering changing your sleeping habits, right now is the perfect time to do so. A full night’s rest is important for a pleasant pregnancy. Enjoy sleep while you can, because once baby comes you will be both a night owl and an early bird.  

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