10 Ways To Combat Morning Sickness During Pregnancy

Posted by Liza Elliott-Ramirez December - 2 - 2014
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Early on in your pregnancy (and maybe even later on) morning sickness is probably the most common symptom that women endure. Some women get it so badly, it can really be debilitating. Pregnancy is supposed to be a happy, exciting time and you shouldn’t have to be miserable. Here are a few tips to combat morning sickness once and for all!

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Take a Day off-

I’m sure you are familiar with those mornings where the sickness is so awful, you feel like you can’t even get out of bed. So don’t! There’s no shame in taking a sick day when you are actually very sick. Forcing yourself to work will only make it worse. Better yet, plan ahead and schedule a vacation week during your seventh or eighth week- these are the weeks morning sickness is at its worst.

Take a whiff-

-Of something fresh smelling! One of the most common triggers of morning sickness is unpleasant smells. Especially now, as your sense of smell is becoming more potent, the slightest smells can make you nauseous. Counterbalance that by sniffing something nice, like a lemon or flowers when you start to feel queasy.

Speak Up-

People around you aren’t aware that they may be doing things that are making you feel sick. Since they don’t have pregnancy nose, they aren’t as sensitive to certain smells as you. Don’t be afraid to tell your friends to avoid eating tuna around you, or to tell your husband the garbage needs to go out asap. The more you verbalize what irritates you, the less you will have to deal with sickness causing odors.

Stay Hydrated-

There are a million reasons why it is so important to stay hydrated during your pregnancy. Morning sickness is one major reason- drinking water will drastically help with your nausea!

Know Your Food-

You may still be getting used to your strange new cravings, and which ones of your favorite foods now disgust you. Once you have a developed sense of what you can and can not handle, you’ll find yourself feeling much better.

Eat Small Meals-

Many women don’t want to eat at all while they are experiencing morning sickness. Not only will this not help you feel better, but it isn’t good for the health of you or your baby. Instead, get into the habit of eating six small meals a day, instead of three large ones.

Grab Some Ginger-

As you probably know, ginger is a great stomach soother. Many people swear by ginger in helping with their morning sickness. Get creative and incorporate it into your diet as much as possible. Sip on ginger tea, whip up some gingerbread cookies, use ginger dressing on your salad.

Adjust Your Computer-

You may be turning to the internet to distract you from your morning sickness, but it actually may be having the opposite effect. The computer’s strobe effect and bright screen can make you even queasier. To help with this, make your computer’s font larger, dim the screen, and take short breaks from the screen every few minutes.

Distract Yourself-

Speaking of distractions, it really is helpful to take your mind off of your nausea and focus on something else. Read a book, do a crossword or Sudoku, or take a walk when you are feeling sick.

Lay Down-

Sometimes the best solution really is the simplest one! Nothing helps morning sickness like lying down and not doing anything. Taking a short rest or nap will do wonders for your sickness.

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