20 Movies to Watch While Pregnant

Posted by Kelly Pellett July - 24 - 2014
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When was the last time you had some well-deserved R&R? You’re a busy woman who probably had many responsibilities before pregnancy. Now, with a little one on the way, you have even more to do than usual! Pregnancy consumes loads of energy, so it’s important to identify when you need to just to sit down and relax!

That being said, put down those business reports, grocery lists, and turn your cell phones on silent! A movie night in may be just what you need! Kick up your feet and enjoy one of these great movies perfect for a mommy-to-be!

  1. What to Expect When You’re Expecting: This comedy follows five different couples and their experiences through pregnancy and birth, as well as adoption.
  2. Bundle of Joy: This classic movie stars Debbie Reynolds playing a woman who finds an abandoned baby on the stoop of a foundling home, yet everyone around her thinks the baby is hers.
  3. About Time: On his 21st birthday, Tim learns how to time travel and realizes that by reversing time, he can fix past mistakes. Watch Tim get married, have children, and understand what the most important thing in life is.
  4. Juno: Juno is a young high school girl who becomes pregnant. Watch her journey through pregnancy and the beauty that comes from adoption.
  5. Nine Months: Samuel learns of his girlfriend’s pregnancy and spends nine months coming to terms with his new life as a father.
  6. Bella: This drama stars Tammy Blanchard as Nina, a woman whose whole life is falling to pieces. Recently fired from her job, she learns of her unexpected pregnancy and spends the movie debating what she should do about the baby.
  7. Definitely Maybe: A little girl asks her dad to tell her the story of how he met her mother. The movie features flashbacks of the father’s three serious girlfriends and demonstrates the true love that a parent can have with their child.
  8. Friends With Kids: Two best friends decide that they want to have children with each other, however they don’t want to be in a relationship. Follow the story of Jason and Julie and their adventures through parenthood.
  9. Away We Go: Burt and Verona are expecting their first child and they want to find the perfect town to raise the baby in. Journey with the couple as they learn more about themselves through their expedition.
  10. Look Who’s Talking: See the world from the perspective of a baby! Listen to the narrations of baby Mikey as we watch his mom. Mollie, tackle life as a single mother and find love along the way.
  11. Where the Heart is: Novalee is a young, unmarried, pregnant teenager who is abandoned by her boyfriend in an unfamiliar town. Not knowing what to do, she takes up residence in a Walmart until her baby is born. Watch Novalee as she starts her new life, in a new town, with her baby.
  12. Fools Rush In: After a one-night stand, Alex and Isabel find themselves to be expecting a baby. As a result, they decide to have a quick wedding in Vegas, and live together as husband and wife. Watch the couple as they grow closer together and come to the realization that their relationship was divinely formed by God.
  13. Yours, Mine, and Ours (1968 version): Lucille Ball and Henry Fonda star in a comedy about two large families marrying and becoming one.
  14. Move Over Darling: Doris Day plays Ellen, a woman who was trapped on a deserted island for five years. When she is rescued and returned, she learns of her husband’s few hour-old marriage and tries to formulate a plan (with her husband) on how to tell the new wife. Mothers will love watching Ellen as she gets to see her children for the first time in years.
  15. Pride and Prejudice: Follow the life of Elizabeth Bennet, a 19th century woman who is trying to find her place in a world where marriage is vital for a comfortable life. If you’re looking for a movie with a strong female character, look no further.
  16. Sound of Music: Julie Andrews stars as Maria, an aspiring nun who doesn’t quite fit it at the convent. Maria is assigned as a governess to a large family where the father is a widower. Watch and sing along as Maria gets to know her new children and family.
  17. The Polar Bear King: This fairytale tells the story of a princess who falls in love and marries a king. The king, however, is cursed to live as a polar bear (during the day) until the curse is broken. Watch as the princess adventures through danger to save her husband and be reunited with her children.
  18. I Don’t Know How She Does It: Sarah Jessica Parker plays Kate, a busy mother, wife, and business woman. The story follows Kate’s chaotic life and how she learns to manage it.
  19. Matilda: Matilda is a young girl, with secret superpowers, born into a family that neglects her. Although she can’t find love through her family, she finds solace with her teacher Miss Honey.
  20. Three Men and a Baby: Three unmarried men take up the occupation of father figure to a little girl abandoned by one of the men’s girlfriends.

2 Responses so far.

  1. Michelle F. says:

    So funny! It seems to be a coincidence that every weekend my husband and I kick back and turn the tv on, one of these movies are on! Last weekend was What to Expect When You’re Expecting. Before that was Juno… and before that was Friends with Kids! Some are completely ridiculous, but totally enjoyable when you know the truths behind them.

  2. Camila Damas says:

    The only one I have watched from this list is Juno. And I love it. I will ask my hubby to get these other ones from this list for us to watch. We love watching movie in bed and cuddle