The Solution to Your Best Body Before, During and After Pregnancy

Posted by Liza Elliott-Ramirez February - 11 - 2016
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Best Solution to Your Best Body Before, During and After Pregnancy 

Hi my name is Erin and I am a model and holistic health coach in Los Angeles. After my first child was born I struggled to get my body back. The last ten pounds wouldn’t seem to budge, even 9 months postpartum and my energy levels were terrible. My ability to be a good mom was suffering because I was tired a8ll the time and not feeling good about myself. Having a background in nutrition and holistic health made this even more frustrating because I thought I was taking care of my body and giving it everything it needed with no results. At the end of my rope, I listened to a nutritionist I had met during my holistic health studies and tried a system called nutritional cleansing, which was intended to cleanse and replenish my body at a cellular level, leaving me renewed, healthy and slim.

Lose the baby weight

To be honest I didn’t have much hope this would work because I couldn’t imagine what made it different than everything else out there. In my almost twenty years of modeling I have tried every cleanse and fad diet out there and nothing gave me sustained results. To my surprise, and great relief, I was proved wrong. Within five days my energy levels were high, without the use of any dangerous stimulants and in less than a month the lingering baby weight had melted off. Nutritional cleansing is a high quality science based supplement and meal replacement system that cleanses the body of environmental toxins that tend to hang on to most of us in the form of fat, and fills the body with the vitamins and trace minerals so many of us are lacking from our nutritionally bankrupt food supply.

18 months later and well into my second pregnancy I have never enjoyed a lean, healthy body so much. I no longer have cravings for sugar, unhealthy snacks and large quantities of caffeine. Maintaining the figure I always wanted while staying in optimal health has never been easier.

I have helped many models, moms and others integrate nutritional cleansing into their lifestyle and I would love to share it with you! Iwill arrange a special call  to explain details and it will also be open to questions.

Whether your are Pregnant or nursing, there are options for you!

If you are interested in having the body that is your personal best, pleasecomment with your name and email address, we will arrange a group call and get you on your path to a fit and healthy body!

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