5 of the most controversial pregnancy topics

Posted by Ellen Back August - 21 - 2014
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alcohol during pregnancy

Pregnancy do’s and dont’s have been argued and debated for centuries! So, many expecting mothers ask, “What really are the right and wrong things to do?” Well, we will help you clarify the confusion. Listed below are the commonly discussed topics on pregnancy and the reasons and explanations behind the most popular debates.

“You shouldn’t drink alcohol.”

Although it may be harmful to drink a lot of alcohol, a small glass of wine once a week won’t hurt you. There is no set or safe amount of alcohol a woman can drink while pregnant but small amounts of alcohol have not been shown to be harmful. It is difficult to predict the impact of drinking alcohol on any given pregnancy. Limitations on alcohol consumption may vary from woman to woman so the best thing to do is consult with your health care practitioner. In most cases, experts suggest that moms should “play it safe” and avoid alcohol at all costs. In any case, speak to your doctor to see what option is most reasonable and safe for you.

“You can’t eat fish.”

Swordfish, kind mackerel, shark and tile fish may be high in mercury but not every fish product is harmful to your health and baby. You are permitted to eat up to 12 ounces, 2 average meals, of fish a week. A variety of fish products are safe to consume. Shrimp, light canned tuna, salmon and catfish are okay in moderation. Be sure to pick and choose items that may be lower in mercury. Fish sticks are usually low in mercury and may satisfy your fish wanting pregnancy cravings.

“Don’t take baths.”

Hot tubs, steam baths and saunas may be the most common danger zones but no one ever said you can’t take a bath in the comfort of your own home. When set at a moderately temperature, warm baths pose no harm or danger. Set the heat less than 100 degrees Fahrenheit and you’ll be good to go! Taking a bath is a great way to alleviate stress, soothe sore muscles, decrease discomfort of swollen arms and legs and prevent premature contractions. So, next time you decide that a bath will be a perfect way to end your day, don’t like anyone tell you otherwise!

“Restrict caffeine intake.”

Believe it or not, most studies indicate that drinking coffee has little or no adverse effects. In moderation, it is perfectly safe to consume. Although some data may suggest that large of caffeine may lead to low-birth weights in babies, if you just reduce your intake and enjoy small amounts through the week, caffeine consumption should not be a problem. If you find yourself having difficulty falling asleep, drink a small amount earlier in the day or substitute coffee with healthy herbal teas. Again, speak to your doctor about healthy and safe caffeine intake during your pregnancy.

“You’re not allowed to dye your hair.”

Pregnant women should avoid contact with as many artificial products as possible. But that doesn’t necessary restrict you from maintaining your physical beauty. Most researchers state that birth complications are unlikely due to the use of hair treatment products. When you choose to dye your hair during pregnancy, just be sure to follow the safety precautions. If you are still concerned about what you should and shouldn’t do in terms of safety and hair color alterations, speak to your doctor or consider postponing the use of chemical hair treatments.

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  1. Camila Damas says:

    Great article. I read exactly all of this in my first preg. Alcohol should be avoid it 100% why take the risk?????? It’s only 9 months ladies. Lets respect our gestation. You’ll have your entire like to drink and get wasted whatever u want. But your baby don’t need to be tasting your alcohol. Even if its a sip it doesn’t get into my mouth at no cost