5 ways to keep Busy During Maternity Leave

Posted by Liza Elliott-Ramirez September - 19 - 2014
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Maternity leave is something that should be enjoyed and savored by mommies-to-be. Think of it as a little vacation with your new baby. Use this time to its fullest, you don’t know when the next time you may have this much free time. While maternity leave’s primary purpose is to bond with your baby and spend as much time with him or her as possible, it doesn’t have to be all feeding and changing diapers. You should, or course, be doing these things, but you should also be sure to fill your time with activities that will help you enjoy your maternity leave. Remember, this should be a luxurious break, not a chore.

Maternity Leave- 5 ways to stay busy--

 Enlist Mommy Help

You’ll be spending most of your time during these weeks taking care of your baby. To avoid driving yourself crazy, have your mom, a family, or a good friend come for a little bit. They will be so happy to help you out and to spend time with the new baby, and you’ll get a much-needed break.

 Get Out-

It may seem crazy to be up and about so soon after giving birth, but as soon as you’re ready, head out the door! Getting out of the house will prevent you from getting bored or moody, and walking and breathing in the fresh air is so good for your postpartum health. Try to go on strolls around your neighborhood with your baby, or on your own,… if you have someone watching the little one. Remember, maternity leave is not home arrest!

Make Mommy Friends-

This is a great time to bond with other new mothers. If you have friends that have babies, invite them over they’ll understand what you are going through and may have the best advice to share. This might also be a way to make new friends! Look up new mom clubs and activities in your neighborhood, such as a breastfeeding club. This may sound funny, but it is a great opportunity to meet new people without sacrificing time with your baby.

Embrace Your Break from Work-

You don’t know when the next time you’ll get such a long break from work. Enjoy this! Don’t bring the office home with you. Relax, focus on yourself and your baby and try not to think about what’s going on at work or all of the things you’ll need to do when you return the stress is not good for you or your child.

Pamper Yourself-

After nine months of worrying about every ingredient you put in your hair or on your skin, you are in dire need of a spa day! It’s probably too soon to actually go to the spa; your body isn’t ready yet and you probably don’t want to leave your baby for so long. Instead, have a friend bring over some fun at-home treatments like facial masks and conditioning treatments. Your pregnancy glow doesn’t have to end after the pregnancy!

All Those Little Things-

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  1. Rachel Kay says:

    I can’t wait <3

  2. Michelle F. says:

    I think maternity leave is going to be the best (and most exhausting!) vacation ever! So excited. Love these tips too!

  3. Camila Damas says:

    I love love all of this. And after 2 years I’m still in my maternity leave. And will continue for the next 2 years since I’m expecting again. But to be truth me and my husband are loving this new lifestyle. I’m even thinking about getting in to newborn photography so I can work from home