7 Simple Ways to Endure Pregnancy Stress

Posted by Liza Elliott-Ramirez September - 3 - 2013
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Pregnancy, giving birth, and raising a child can all seem overwhelming. It is normal to feel anxious and stressed. However, with a baby on its way, a mother needs to learn to reduce her stress not only to stay healthy during pregnancy, but also learn what anxiety-busters work before facing motherhood. The Stork Magazine has seven simple tips to reduce your pregnant worries.

Staying Calm During Pregnancy

1) Start your breathing exercises now. Deep breathing will stabilize your heart rate and blood pressure, which will relax your pregnant self. Remember to breathe first before you take on difficult tasks. Some pregnant women also suggest meditation time.

2) Move, Mama, Move! A brisk walk, a light gym exercise, or a quick swim in the pool can relieve some stress and help you sleep at night.

3) Have a giggle. Whether its your husband who makes you laugh or your favorite comedy show, setting some time aside to simply have a chuckle can boost your anxiety.

4) Talk it out. From your fellow pregnant friends, to your family, to your partner, talking about your anxieties can help with your worries. Whether they are long-time friends or Lamaze classmates, talking to friends who have been there done that can ease you into each stage of your pregnancy.

5) Rest. After you relax with your breathing exercises, simply resting can alleviate your angst. Give into your sleepy eyes and just sleep peacefully–your body will thank you later, especially when your little one keeps you up at night later on.

6) Eat well. Healthy foods like oily fish, nuts, seeds, fruit, and dairy products can bost your moods and help you sleep peacefully at night.

7) Prepare and Plan. Whether you are concerned about finances, giving birth, your relationship, or your career, write out your plans create lists to organize your thoughts.

With your hormones bouncing off the walls and your blood pressure rising, it is best for you and your baby to stay calm and enjoy your beautiful pregnancy. Relax moms-to-be and look forward to the future with your baby!

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