A Mother’s way to ebb and flow

Posted by Lizette Alicea February - 14 - 2012
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Model Moms, you are in a sea of new.  In order to get any sense of balance with new baby, you’ll need figure out how to work with baby. Don’t get caught up with what other people think about how you are handling your little one. This is your journey and only can navigate  how it will ebb and flow. Many people will have suggestions, more experience, and possibly a better way to do things, however this is your time to imprint. Remember that the best way to get through the first 3 months with your baby being home is by simply doing with ease as you find your comfort zone.

No one will ever know your baby like you do. So long as you take care of its basic needs and baby feels secure everything will be fine. Feeding your baby, changing their diaper, holding and speaking in a loving tone is paramount to your baby’s early stages of development. Simply put, sleeping, eating and feeling comfortable and being comforted are all you need to really manage with baby.
So, just keep it simple, the rest will fall into place.

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