Delivery options for Expectant Moms

Posted by Meghan Chomeau November - 18 - 2014
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If you are a expectant mom, chances are you have been giving your  delivery options a lot of thought.  There are so many different delivery methods that choosing the right one can seem overwhelming.  Instead of getting lost in the options, view it as a chance to tailor your delivery to best fit your needs.  Choosing your birthing method allows you to take control of your unique circumstances.

Delivery methods for model mom

Below is a guide to some of the most popular methods.

Natural Birth:  This method forgoes the use of medication.  There are natural birth classes that can prepare you by giving you the tools to push past the pain.  Many women have testified to its ability to clear their minds and allow them to experience everything that goes along with the birth of their child.

Medicated Birth:  This option is sometimes seen as a godsend because it eases the pain of childbirth.  There are many different types of medications, so with your doctor’s help you can find the one that is best for you.

Cesarean Section:  It is a procedure that surgically removes the baby.  It may originally seem like an enticing option, but because of an increased risk for complications and a longer recovery time, most physicians try to avoid it.

Water birth:  This method is becoming more widely used.  In fact, many hospitals are now facilitating water births.  It is believed to be an easier and less stressful transition for the baby.  Additionally, it allows the mother a wider range of movement while giving birth, which can help you find a more comfortable position.

Hypnobirth:  This method utilizes hypnosis to take a mother’s mind to a relaxing place while giving birth.  Supporters claim that it reduces the pain and anxiety of childbirth.  However, mothers may not always achieve the desired results.

While considering all of these options, do not be intimated by your coming delivery.  Women have been giving birth for thousands of years.  Regardless of the method you choose when the time comes trust your instincts, chances are your body will know what to do.

2 Responses so far.

  1. Camila Damas says:

    I wish I would have the courage to do a water birth as it seems like an awesome experience. But I’ll rather play safe and had an amazing delivery with great memories like I did with Ellen. Painless,smoothly and happily. By the way I didn’t get any side affects in my body from the epidural. My body actually took it really well

  2. Michelle F. says:

    The idea of a water birth intrigues me, but I am going to (hopefully) have a natural birth. So excited. Any day now!