Autism – a friend’s perspective

Posted by Lizette Alicea April - 5 - 2012
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Brandon seemed to be a healthy, normal, and handsome baby. It would be a little while after Brandon was  10 months old that his demeanor would shift and become withdrawn. Brandon is not only a male hispanic, but he is the 1 in 88 children of Autism. Lack of eye contact and disinterest are tell-tale signs of Autism and Brandon was not interested in anything, not really. When my friend and I talked about his shift, she told me that he was to be evaluated and that he may have Autism. She was brave and true to form. Always practical in her approach to life. She armed herself with the knowledge and there began her journey with Brandon. I was afraid.  I thought of my godson’s future and what would that look like and how could I be there for my friend.

Brandon was diagnosed with a mild form of Autism. They began early intervention at the age of 15 months. His quality of life is better than it would have been without it. Brandon turned five in March and he speaks, plays games, communicates when he wants to, and is functioning better than average. By being open and willing to face his issue head on and seeking early intervention, my friend helped her son grow.  She in a sense normalized the situation by learning the tools necessary to assist his learning.  She continues learning skills to cope with Brandon and Brandon continues to thrive.

I am so very proud of my friend, she is a great example to all. Learn what you can to help your child. Autism is not something to be ashamed of. There are several degrees to this condition. Become aware. Spread the word.  Show you care.



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