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Posted by Liza Elliott-Ramirez October - 14 - 2014
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Of course your baby is adorable- no one knows that better than you! You see diaper ads or flip through baby clothes catalogs and can’t help but think “my baby is cuter than any of these babies!” Sure, you may be biased, but it is very possible that your baby does have what it takes to be a successful baby model. Kids are expensive- having your baby model is a great way to make some extra money to cover those expenses, and even start saving for your child’s future! And of course it’s super fun- how cool would it be to see your baby on a billboard?

Baby Modeling

Can Your Baby Be a Model?

Let’s face it- all babies are cute. How do you know that your baby is fit to be a model? Of course, looks are a factor, but what really makes a successful baby model is temperament. You can have the most beautiful baby in the world, but if he or she hates to ham it up for the camera, modeling probably isn’t your best bet. The ideal baby model is well-behaved and has a calm temperament- this is probably a very small percentages of babies! Of course agents, casting directors, and photographers who work with kids know what to expect- no one is going to be surprised if a baby cries, is restless, or throws a tantrum on a bad day. No child can possibly be expected to be constantly happy, calm, and perfectly still. However, if your baby is particularly well behaved, loves to smile, and is comfortable in front of a camera, it is a good idea to get them to modeling agency for kids.


Where Do I Start?

It is so important to do tons of research before contacting agencies, to avoid scams or shady situations. A credible and well respected agency (like Expecting Models-EM Talent!) will make the whole process completely safe for you and your baby and as easy as possible! Different agencies have different requirements for submissions, but usually what is needed are a few clear photographs of your baby. While submitting professional pictures are usually not a requirement they can certainly help your baby become a front runner. If you take the baby photos yourself, make sure they are as professional looking as possible- no bath pictures, pictures of them eating, busy exteriors or blurry images! These pictures are the agency’s first impression of your baby so try to capture their personality. Only submit photos that are well lit, in high resolution, where he/she can be seen fully seen. Pictures of your baby facing the camera are best.


What Now?

After you submit your baby for modeling, if the agency is interested, they will get in contact with you to arrange a meeting with you and your child. If the meeting goes well, you will probably be asked to sign a contract confirming your exclusivity to that particular agency for a given amount of time- so exciting! But before you sign any contracts, make sure you have all of the information you need to make an educated decision. Baby modeling is actually a huge responsibility for parents and requires way more effort on the parent’s part than it does on the kid’s. Your baby just needs to show up and be their cute selves. It will be your job to make yourself available, keep in close contact with your child’s agent, take them to auditions and shoots- all child performers have to have a parent or caregiver on set with them at all times. This meeting is your chance to ask any questions about your specific responsibilities and to learn about the agency and find out how they work and what their policies are. If you are prepared to make the huge time commitment, and the agency is a good fit, sign that contract!

What Do I Need?

The laws in different states vary, but due to child labor laws, most states will probably require your child to have a work permit, and a limit on the amount of hours they are able to work. You may also be required to set up a trust account for your baby- this is an account that you set up through your bank that only your child has access to when they reach a certain age. A certain percentage of your child’s earnings will go into this account- this is for your child’s protection. You do not need to have these things arranged before you enter the meeting, but they are important to have once you sign with an agency- in most states, your child won’t be able to work without them!


Now you have everything you need to get started! If you have the time, the patience, and of course, a baby who is happy in front of the camera, you can look forward to a fun and rewarding job for you and your child. Time for baby to get model bookings!

If you think your baby has what it takes to be a model and live in NY or LA, submit by clicking on the link below.

Baby Submissions

3 Responses so far.

  1. Michelle F. says:

    The “What Do I Need?” section was an eye-opener. Very helpful.

  2. Camila Damas says:

    I already submitted my beautiful 2 year old to expectingmodels. The only down side is that we live in jacksonville and clients don’t pay to travel expenses for babies and toddler:((((((. Such a bummer because she have so much potential and she loves the camera and always show off her cute personality and the most beautiful smile in the world like I’ve never seen before with the cutiest dimples :)

  3. Lauren (Good) Kaufmann says:

    Thanks for the advice! I’ve been meaning to set up the Trust account…It’s on my to do list!!