Have a Baby-Safe Memorial Day

Posted by Lauren Robinson May - 25 - 2014
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Have a Baby-Safe Memorial Day

Memorial Day is here and whether you’re hosting a friend and family filled celebration, or attending one, you can still have a great time while you’re expecting. Now of course watching what you eat and even how much time you spend in the sun is important. But you can still part-take in the festivities, and here are just a few great tips to making sure you have an amazing time.

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On the rocks? Or frozen? – Mocktail please? Memorial Day is often a huge celebration. And in the midst of any celebration, a few cocktails and maybe even a few beers might make their way into the crowd. This doesn’t mean that you have to be stuck sipping water all day, although that isn’t a bad idea. Making cool, refreshing, and yummy non-alcoholic drinks can help you feel like you aren’t missing out on anything at the party.

How do you like it? Well done?- Of course eating healthy is at the top of your list while your baby-to-be is still growing and developing, so making great food choices while hanging out with family and friends is important. As you enjoy and fun side dishes like fruit salad and pasta salad are good choices, you may want to eat what some call “real food”. After all, what’s a cookout with a grill? So red meats, chicken, and even low mercury fish are fine, but be sure that everything has been fully cooked. Avoid medium rare burgers and under cooked fish.

Bathe in the shade- If your Memorial Day will consist of sitting outdoors for the bulk of the day, or maybe even hitting the beach, protect your skin. You can do this by wearing light bathing suit covers, using sun screen lotions, or even just relaxing in the shade. Also sun hats are a great idea, and quite fashionable as well.

This Memorial Day can be just as fun as it’s always been. You can have a baby safe time and a great time with friends and family!

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