Baby to Baby Beat Downs!

Posted by Liza Elliott-Ramirez April - 15 - 2013
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During 13-18 Months you may find your child is a designated hitter! Baby to Baby Beat Downs? Ouch! There is nothing worse than being the mother of a hitter. Of course an apology is in order but don’t expect it to not take you very far. In Mommy-and-Me world, you’ll be the team that most other moms avoid.

Don’t fret. this stage shall pass and it’s not unusual for toddlers to swing their tiny fists. Babies this age usually strike out when they’re frustrated and don’t have the words to express how they feel. If she/he is whacking another child over a toy, you may want to act on her behalf. But you can’t let you’re toddler think that their little outbursts are acceptable. Pushing, biting, hair grabbing are simply unacceptable behaviors.

Toddlers that hit, scratch or bite

When your child has a meltdown, quickly and quietly remove her/him from the environment. If you become agitated, you are only mirroring her behavior. It’s important for you to keep your cool.  You’re little one will find it entertaining to elicit a reaction. Toddlers have different stages of Temperament and we must be the positive example!

Use a calm tone and word’s like “That is not okay. Please don’t hit.” or “Keep your hands on your own body.” If you spank or hit as  punishment, you are only reinforcing the same behavior and she may continue her baby beat downs.

When you see her/him playing nicely, use words of encouragement. Make sure she knows how happy and proud you are of her actions.

Positive Toddler Behavior

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