Pregnancy Style

Posted by Liza Elliott-Ramirez December - 8 - 2011
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Your changing body will undoubtedly call for a change in routine. The importance of feeling good during your pregnancy requires shifting from what we know to be normal. Pregnancy is a beautiful process. Once we embrace our progression, adapting to this exciting time can be natural, stimulating and effortless!

The Stork Magazine encourages you to continue to be the person you were before you got pregnant. Maintain your sense of fashion style. Women come in all shapes and sizes. Don’t stop dressing like you.

Today’s maternity designs are just as trendy as mainstream fashions and fit every body type.

Pregnancy is a sexy time and it took a sexy moment that got you here. Maintain your style with pieces that you would traditionally wear before you were pregnant. Keeping an emergency “ready, set, go” outfit is a kickin’ must have! Work with colors that you can mix and match which  take you from casual to cosmopolitan.

Lavish your way with clothes that accentuate your personal style. There are countless maternity designers with wonderful looks to show off your blossoming baby bump.

Whether you are into bearing your belly, hugging your bump or a fluid look, your choices are infinite.

Mother your wardrobe with accessories. A unique necklace, bracelet and earrings can add flair to a simple pair of jeans and t-shirt!

Don’t stop wearing makeup or styling your hair. As your body grows treat your toes to a pedicure. Nourish your body with safe soothers that hydrate dryness and itchy skin. Drink tons of water and don’t forget to shield your skin from the sun. Stick to what feels comfortable and listen to your body!

Everyone loves a pregnant woman. It’s heartwarming and pleasing to the eye. Whether you are embracing your comfy casual side or erotic self, it’s important that you feel good as you bond with your husband or lover. Keep the fire in the bedroom with sexy lingerie.  You know you’ve got that glow so steal the moment.

Once you dress to impress, strike the iron while it’s hot and take this opportunity to have a good romp. Don’t be surprised if the little wee starts jumping!

Maternity has come a long way. As powerful women, we have all come together to help each other embrace our changing bodies!  As you shop, be true to your style. We are all unique and today’s trends come by the dozens! Your style is right and perfect so own it.  Once your journey is over, share your fashion experience with the next pregnant woman. It’ll forever be appreciated!



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  1. Rebecca says:

    I love this entry. I have been feeling a little down on myself being almost 6 months pregnant (you know, not fitting in certain things, losing some definition from taming my workout from my rigorous workout routine) so I think I will take your advice and try to get back to my pre-pregnancy style with a few accent pieces. This is a great weekend to do that and splurge a little! Thanks for reminding us we are still women, not just pregnant.