Belly Bump Exposure- To Show or Not to Show?

Posted by Liza Elliott-Ramirez August - 22 - 2013
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Pregnant models usually have to pose exposing their belly and showing it off as much as they can. Aside from the modeling world, the social media world has often condemned those who post belly pictures, as they show the growth and development of their baby.

With that, The Stork Magazine poses the following question: To Show Or Not To Show?

Showing Baby Bump

Humans have created the idea of privacy. Whenever someone crosses the thin line of privacy, they draw out controversial debates.

In August of 1991, iconic actress Demi Moore posed for a Vanity Fair cover in the nude when she was seven months pregnant, forever changing the public’s view on pregnancy and maternity fashion. While photographer Annie Leibovitz’s photo was seen as “obscene” by critics, Moore’s nude pregnancy photo opened the door for pregnancy fashion and women to expose their bellies as they please. After More Demi Moore had been parodied several times, some have still not accepted the naked baby bumps.

We cannot express to you enough how beautiful pregnancy is. However, others think this is a perfect time to hide these beautiful bellies. If people expect us to cover up our bellies, should we expect our pregnant pets and animal friends to do the same? Of course not.

On the other hand, some people think the development of your belly is a private matter–something that you should embrace with your partner and baby.

Because baby bellies are exposed often at Expecting Models, we encourage you to embrace this beautiful time as freely as you choose.

Do you think pregnant bellies should stay private? Or do you believe women should feel free to expose their baby bump? Why do you think people judge others who expose their baby bumps?

3 Responses so far.

  1. Fuji L. says:

    It’s a beautiful thing carrying a baby inside you. I have two children of my own and enjoyed both pregnancies. The pregnant body is a beautiful thing as well. However, the way these young girls dress during pregnancy really takes away the ‘beauty’ of it with their crop tops and skin tight dresses. The way they dress really ‘cheapens’ the beauty of being pregnant. There is a way to show off pregnancy without making it look cheap and nasty. I feel that it depends on what you wear and how you wear it that pregnancy can look beautiful or cheap and nasty. Being pregnant is a wonderful and beautiful experience. Or, at least, it should be.

    • Sandy says:

      How do “Young girls” dress that causes you to feel it cheapens the beauty of pregnancy? It appears you have such a strong opinion but haven’t explained the style which these young ladies are trending which causes you to feel that it takes away pregnancy being a “beautiful thing”

  2. Todd says:

    I say show that bump off and be darn proud of it!!!Why there’s nothing more beautiful and pleasing to look at than a big round protruding pregnant belly!!!!!!!!