Benefits of Bananas

Posted by Lauren Robinson May - 3 - 2014
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Benefits of bananas during pregnancy

Who would’ve thought this yellow-peeled fruit would’ve been one of the most go-to pregnancy remedies.  It seems too easy to be true. It’s inexpensive, healthy for both you and your baby, and not to mention yummy. Bananas can help with a number of things, ranging from aiding the development of your little one, to reducing pain and alleviate pregnancy-induced ailments. So now is the perfect time to do something we all love, eat!

Ok, so we all know (or at least it’s pretty common knowledge) that bananas contain potassium, but that might be extent of what we know. The truth about potassium is that it’s more than just one of the many things that are good for us, it actually mitigates some of the unpleasant side effects that are associated with pregnancy. It can reduce the frequency and even some of the severity of painful leg cramping. It also can help to reduce natural swelling of the body during pregnancy.

Now depending on your pregnancy, because each woman is different, you may be also experiencing diarrhea in addition to the leg cramping. Bananas can handle that too! Bananas are a very fibrous fruit. And because it contains gum fiber and pectin (a subtle fiber also found in apples), bananas are then able to help relieve diarrhea by absorbing excess water. Unfortunately diarrhea is often accompanied my intestinal cramping, but bananas can also help alleviate the discomfort.

 So that takes care of you, but now for your little bundle of joy. Bananas are great for them too! That’s because your baby’s central nervous system relies on B6- which of course is found in this amazing fruit. And eating this while pregnant can help to coordinate activity during their development. So eat bananas and enjoy, it’ll promote the growth of a happy and healthy baby.  Plus it’ll make you feel better too!

2 Responses so far.

  1. Camila Damas says:

    I’m a big fan of bananas. I love making banana smoothies in the morning.
    Mix in the blender 1 banana with 3/4 cup of a milk and brown sugar to taste. It’s marvelous delicious

  2. Michelle F. says:

    I love knowing this since bananas are a breakfast staple for me!