How to buy a Nursing Bra that is perfect for your body!

Posted by Liza Elliott-Ramirez September - 15 - 2015
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Nursing Bra’s are not like shopping for an ordinary bra. As a new nursing mom, the size of your breasts may be constantly changing! Its  important that you buy a  breast-feeding bra that is perfect for your body shape and lifestyle. Here are some important do’s and don’t to keep in mind while considering a Nursing Bra that is perfect for your body!

How to buy a nursing bra

DO: Get Professionally Fitted in your third trimester

Take the time to get fitted at around 8 months of pregnancy before baby arrives. This is the size your breasts should be at about 8 weeks post birth when your body has adjusted to regulate its milk supply.

 DON’T: Buy a nursing bra with “extra room”.

A lot of women make the mistake of purchasing nursing bras with extra room in the cup size. Yes, your breasts may become engorged and larger than ever before, however, this is not ideal because a bigger fitting cup size will not provide your breasts with that much-needed support.

Do: Choose a nursing bra with 4-6 hooks.

At your 8th month of pregnancy when you are getting fitted for a nursing bra you should be fitting by selecting the back band of the bra, on the loosest hook and eye. This will  allow additional room for you to tighten the back band, (post birth) as your rib cage contracts.

DON’T: Try to fit into a cup-specific bra size immediately post birth.

Post birth, you will notice large fluctuations in breast size as your body learns to regulate its milk supply. A seamless bra will be your best bet at this time as it will move with your changing body and provide you with that extra comfort and support. A bra with a strict cup size will not only feel uncomfortable but also will compress and restrict the breast as it learns to regulate its milk supply.

 DO: Consider your wardrobe.

There are many nursing bras available in the market ranging from every day basics, contour, soft cups to beautiful fashion bras. Purchase nursing bras that will work in with your life style and make you feel your best!


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