Closet Boot Bump Camp

Posted by Kristy Richman March - 17 - 2015
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It’s always hard to part with your everyday clothing and adopt the maternity style but just because you’re pregnant doesn’t mean you should let your style go. Comfortable and casual can still be cute!

maternity boot camp

First though, when do you start wearing maternity clothing? When your clothing becomes restricting and uncomfortable it’s probably time to move to maternity clothing. This will allow your body to be more comfortable and give yourself room to grow. Everybody is different but purchasing maternity clothes may be necessary by the end of the third month of your pregnancy.

The best items for your first maternity pregnancy purchase should be undergarments, bras, underwear, stocking, and leggings.  Make sure that these items are comfortable for you; they are the basis of your outfit.

Some ladies tend to buy bigger clothing instead of purchasing maternity wear. The issue with this is that the clothing is bigger all over their body, whereas maternity fashion will allow the mother’s body to still be sexy and curvy. Maternity clothing embraces the baby bump and growing areas.

When purchasing maternity clothes you should pick clothing that is a little bit bigger than the “normal” fit. Your body will change on a pretty steady basis so choose outfits that you can wear multiple times. Keep an eye out for pants, shorts, and skirts that have elastic areas which allow room for growth. Search for blouses that are light and flowing instead of constricting tops that leave marks on your skin when taking them off. Make sure you look for comfortable clothing.

Fabrics are fun to switch up fashions but when pregnant it’s best to use cotton tops and cotton bottoms with small amounts of spandex. Cotton allows your body to breathe and it minimizes sweating. Since pregnant women tend to have higher body temperatures cotton is the best idea.

Maternity clothing has changed over the years. Now it is more edgy and adorable than the past fashions. Accessorizing is always important in keeping up with fashions and having a baby bump doesn’t stop you from wearing that newly purchased stylized silver necklace. Make room in your closet for maternity fashion, your body will thank you. Don’t be afraid to move towards this type of clothing for the remainder of your pregnancy, it will be the best for you. The better you feel, the better your baby feels too.

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