Clues That You Have the Blues

Posted by Lauren Robinson April - 21 - 2014
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clues you have the blues

“I slept my entire day away.”

“I missed my prenatal yoga, because I didn’t feel up to it.”

“I haven’t been eating like I used to.”

“This pregnancy just has me so stressed out.”
Do these sound familiar? Are you telling yourself that it’s no big deal that you haven’t been feeling like yourself lately? Don’t overlook it. If these are reoccurring thoughts, amongst other not-so-pleasant thoughts, they may be the clues to your blues.

First things first, don’t freak out! About 25% of all women may experience some sort of depression in their lifetime. It’s more common then you may think. Many studies used to dismiss pregnancy or post pregnancy depression, and blamed the not-so-happy feelings on the frequent changes in hormones. And although hormones could take a fraction of the blame, there are many other factors that definitely play a major part. The key to noticing these important signs are to pay attention to yourself.  Sound easy enough, right? Have you noticed any of the following?

  • Eating less or more than usual- and not just of your favorite ice cream
  •  Sleeping less or obsessively
  • Difficulty concentrating
  • Anxiety or persistent sadness

I know, it seems like all of these could be normal to an extent. So just because you may have over eaten last week and slept the day away after you meal, don’t diagnose yourself just yet. The most important part in noticing your clues is realizing how long they have been around. If they’ve lasted more than two weeks, then talk to someone. This is your chance to be a little selfish, in a good way, and get some things off of your mind. Talking out your stressors could be the easiest way to achieving your happiness and getting back to your norm. There are plenty of support groups available, or if you prefer a one-on-one, you could always visit your health care professional. Don’t over think it, they are there to help. It’s ok to speak up.

In the chance that you may be depressed, it’s more than likely NOT because you’re crazy. There could be a million of things that triggered the negative thoughts or behavior. Anything from a change in your daily routine or stressful life event, to relationship problems and pregnancy complications could’ve caused a slight melt down. The important thing is to realize it and get help. And getting help isn’t always about going to a professional. Sometimes it’s as simple as talking to a friend, and doing something that relaxes you. Working out, hanging out with friends, getting romantic with your partner, or even a spa day; any of these could potentially relieve your symptoms.

So just remember, 1) don’t freak out. 2) Check for clues. 3) Talk to someone and find ways to relax. Pregnancy and post pregnancy are great times to get to know yourself and your baby. Don’t let a little depression get in the way.

3 Responses so far.

  1. candice camacho says:

    I think having the blues it very normal. I had the blues, but instead of eating or sleeping I decided throw myself into my yoga. It helped calm my mind and lift my spirit. AND kept me from gaining excess weight. When I brought Athena home, I had so many “halmark moments.” I was so consumed with this little being and had so much love for her Sometimes mother nature just isn’t fair!

    • Monica says:

      Wow! That is a great alternative, because pregnancy can be so challenging. I was thinking to try yoga too. Are there any specific types/styles that you would recommend?

  2. Candice says:

    I’ve been practicing Bikram Yoga for many years so that is the style I continued with. They don’t recommend starting out w that one if your w child. However, there are flow classes out there that are great for flexibility strength and to calm your mind. Many studios offer prenatal classes and I’ve seen some great dvd’s at Target also!