Spiritual Pregnancy

Posted by Sam Perez September - 21 - 2014
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Becoming a mother opens one to an entirely new territory. For some, the pregnancy vision includes a white picket fence, a baby that sleeps through the night and a husband that has no problem changing diapers. Whether you’re a first time mommy or a pro, adapting to more responsibilities this can be a rude awakening.

Spiritual Pregnancy

In the constant juggling and endless lists, you may lose sight of yourself. It’s important to ask yourself, “what do I need to do in order to feel like myself today?” For the modern mother, finding your center needs to be penciled in your little black book, set as a Google reminder, and written on your forehead. Okay, the forehead may be a tad much, but you get the idea.

Create a divine flow and receptive heart through:

  • Mediation – a few mediating minutes can go a long way!
  • Dance – sometimes you just need to break free and boogie!
  • Exercise – work it out of mind and body!
  • Chant – repeating a mantra or positive affirmation will lift your spirit!
  • Song – sing like no one can hear you!
  • Artistic expression – painting and drawing are a great way to unwind!
  • Yoga – stress less and feel great!

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  1. Camila Damas says:

    Whenever I feel all stressed out I wait for my hubby to get home to watch Ellen and I go get a massage. That makes my mood go right up again. And of course there are days I don’t feel like doing anything, so I don’t cook, I don’t clean I don’t do nothing kkkk that helps