New Moms, does nursing aid in weight loss?

Posted by Lizette Alicea July - 7 - 2014
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New Moms if you are worrying about shedding the left over bump weight, don’t. Remember, it took you 9 months to get where you are and while some snap right back almost instantaneously, others need a little patience and self-love along the journey back to pre baby body.

Breast feeding helps the uterus contract and decreases blood flow, however many people think that nursing will definitely help in weight loss, it may, but it may not. Continuing to be vigilant of your diet and nutrition helps. Nursing may aid in you loosing a pound a week, but may not. Your body, hormones and mindset really need to re align and you need to focus on taking it easy, and easing into a new routine. The weight will shed. Do  not go on a crash diet. Not healthy for you as your energy will be zapped, especially if you are indeed nursing. Healthy eating and moderate exercise, like walking and stretching will help you stay physically and emotionally fit.

If there was ever a time to not worry, it would be now. Love yourself, your new baby, and body. Everything will work itself out. Go on long walks. Enjoy the moments of newness and focus on working with your body and not against it’s natural process. Mind over matter is what matters for you and baby.



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  1. Candice says:

    I couldn’t shed the last 5-7 pounds until my baby was 7 months old. It is important to take it easy. My baby just turned a year. I’m still nursing but was able to shed all and even a little more than before I had her! It just took time. When I was ready, I got into a strict exercise routine. I had to be patient and I think my body needed the extra pounds to make all that milk in the early months! I would never sacrifice the bond w my baby to lose those extra pounds.

  2. Michelle F. says:

    Not an normal scenario, but I have a friend who breastfed her baby and only 4 months after delivery, she dropped down below pre-pregnancy and magically developed a defined six-pack (she never had one!). It’s the craziest thing. I’m not expecting it to happen to me, but I do think breastfeeding is amazing for both baby and mom.

  3. Camila Damas says:

    Well I think my breasfeeding had help me in losing weight because In just 2 weeks I had my pre pregnancy weight back and in 4 weeks I had my normal pre preg body back. With no work out. Just breasfeeding. Eating real food and wearing my terrific body shaper