Don’t Put Your Sexy Self On The Shelf!

Posted by Sam Perez October - 23 - 2013
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Ladies, there is absolutely no reason why you cannot maintain your sex appeal while pregnant! As your body changes and hormone levels rise, you may start to feel a heightened sexual desire. Perhaps, it’s because your breasts are enlarged, other places are extra sensitive and your sex drive is off the charts! This is completely normal and should be embraced. Listen to your body; express and communicate your desires to your hubby. Just because you’re expecting, doesn’t mean you have to put your sexy self on the shelf!

Reveal your inner divinity with sensuality! Who says you can’t be pregnant and sexy? Your boy toy loves you pregnant and it’s not like you have to worry about birth control. Have fun and fool around with different lingerie, hair, makeup, and heels.Light that spark and work it, your a cover girl!

Flaunt and fire up your look with these sexy garments from 9 Plus Bebe Mama with one of EM Talent’s finest, May Lindstrom!

Pregnancy is sexyPhoto courtesy of: 9 Plus Bebe Mama


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