Don’t Stop the Music!

Posted by Lauren Robinson January - 24 - 2018
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pregnant dancer

There are more than enough rumors warning women of the dangers of pregnancy, and telling them everything that can’t be done. But the truth is that almost all of the same activities that were performed before the pregnancy can still be continued, with modifications of course. The days of being bedridden and living your pregnancy in a bubble are long gone. Now, more than ever, women are pushing the boundaries further than before, but still within reason. Here’s a few ways to keep you outside of the box during your pregnancy. Maybe with this, pregnant women together can create a new box.

Dancing: Keeping it funky! Don’t be afraid to still be yourself. Dancing, whether in a class or at home in front of your TV, it’s safe to do. Especially in the earlier stages of pregnancy. Whether it’s soothing ballet to help keep you limber and your muscles toned, or classical to help you escape the day for moments at a time. Either is fine. Now if you reading this and thinking, “I don’t dance like that”, it’s completely OK. Rocking out and a little hip hop is safe too, just be sure to avoid jerky motions and constant jumping- especially the further along you become.

Drinking: Most people associate drinking with partying, but there is definitely a huge difference between binge drinking with hard alcohol, and indulging in one or two amazing glasses of wine once in a while. What you consider once in a while to be, should be up to your doctor and your own discretion. Each person is different, and while some can break down alcohol faster, other bodies take a little longer to do. There hasn’t been any testing done to see what the limit of safe consumption is, so for that you may actually need to speak your health care provider.

Sushi: OK, so here it is. The truth to the age old question “is sushi safe to eat during pregnancy?” is yes!!!!! OK time for a victory dance, you can have your salmon and mango rolls, and even your yellow tail. Turns out there hasn’t been any proven study showing the harmful effects that were speculated to occur from eating sushi or raw fish. Although it is recommended to stay away from high mercury fish like fresh tuna, you can still enjoy fish (whether cooked or raw) like shrimp and salmon. Women of the Asian culture continue to eat sushi throughout their pregnancy, and it is actually considered part of a healthy diet for both the mother and unborn child.  So no more sulking because of what you thought you couldn’t have, now is the time to keep having fun. You’re pregnant, not dead. Smile, you can still live a little.

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