After Summer Dry Skin & Hair Relief

Posted by Liza Elliott-Ramirez September - 11 - 2013
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One of the single and most important ways to care for your maternity modeling career is to nurture your skin and hair after a long hot summer.

Pregnant modeling- Organic creme

During the summer, heat can wreak havoc on parts of your body which, as a fashion model mom, are your booking tools. Between the beach, the pool, and extreme temperatures your skin and hair are robbed of their natural moisture.  As a model you can cure the dryness and damaging effects as the summer comes to an end. Intensive rehab that goes beyond traditional moisturizers to restore their structures, can be practiced in the privacy of your own home. One in-house trick is utilizing products with ultra moisturizing and shine abilities.

Face Creme infuses your skin with the moisture it has been craving all summer. It’s gentle on the skin and contains botanical extracts and essential oils which replenishes your skin and leaves you glowing.

Hair’s natural shine is often dulled when it is lacking moisture.  Ultima Serum counteracts this problem by infusing hair with shine and smoothness.  This will make your hair appear healthier even after a dry summer.

Nurse your hair back to health with 100% natural hair care . Serum produces shine and tames damaged hair.  It goes deep into your hair’s cuticle to strengthen and provide maximum moisture at every layer. Apply a few drops on towel dry hair for remarkable results.

Argan oil is an increasingly popular product that offers relief from dryness.  Moroccan women have been using it for centuries to keep their skin and hair looking their best.  The oil’s unique properties infiltrate skin and hair with moisture and nourishment.  It contains Vitamin E and fatty acids, which help protect skin from damage and keep it looking healthy.  It also adds an overall shiny and lustrous appearance to hair.  Argan oil is a multipurpose oil that treats skin and hair with equally beneficial results.

Don’t allow the heat to rob your skin and hair of their natural radiance.  Take advantage of these products to restore your skin and hair’s moisture balance.  They are sure to give your skin and hair a fresh start as  summer moves into fall.

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