6 simple steps to help get through the Clumsy Stage

Posted by Liza Elliott-Ramirez April - 7 - 2013
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Pregnancy weight gain is normal. While the pregnant mom is embracing  curves, the center gravity is over your base of support. It’s common to feel clumsy.  Yes, pregnant model be warned; your blossoming body and your hormonal changes can bring on a few challenges like walking the runway in heals, vertigo, dropping dishes, and falling!  Expecting Model, here are 6 easy tips to help get through the clumsy stage.

Expecting model

Expecting model

  • Opt for wedge heels when you strike a pose
  • Drink lots of water to avoid getting light-headed. Water helps deliver oxygen through your bloodstream.
  • Move slowly! Take the scenic route, it’s more fun.
  • Place a bath mat on the floor when getting in and out of the tub.
  • Don’t text and walk.
  • Order take out. The kitchen can be a dangerous place to move about.

We all know you’ve been a  perfect model fashionista with balance and poise. This stage is a temporary and challenging time, do not take yourself too seriously. You’re beautiful, amazing, and yes, clumsy This too shall pass!

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    I have personal experience of the pitfalls of pregnancy clumsiness. If you don’t want to deliver your baby with 2 broken legs in casts up to your knees, HEED THIS ADVICE! Just picture it, my husband held up the pink cast, and the nurse held up the blue…so runway sexy, don’t you think?!

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