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Expecting Models, the leading maternity modeling agency of it’s kind has continued to book all the major leading maternity fashion advertising campaigns up to date.

This week alone, our Pregnant Models have booked 8 Full days on Target Maternity, 4 Full Days on Gap Maternity, 2 Full Days on Old Navy Maternity, 3 Models on one full day booking with Belly Dance Maternity and one pregnant model will fly out to shoot the latest cover for Pregnancy and Newborn!

Well, the truth is we are bragging because we can. Humbly so, indeed.

Our maternity models are top fashion models with developed high fashion modeling careers prior to becoming pregnant.

So collectively we continue to show the world, that you too can look fabulous during your pregnancy!

Let’s us help:

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Maternity Model Agency- Expecting Models

 Photo courtesy of: Pregnancy and Newborn

If you are a professional pregnant fashion model and would like to continue working during your pregnancy, please contact Expecting Models by submitting your photos on The Stork Magazine, (delivered by Expecting Models)

To submit photos to become a  WORKING MATERNITY MODEL

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  1. Liza Elliott-Ramirez says:

    More on Expecting Models: https://vine.co/v/bLbxxOJm26X/embed/simple

  2. Estelle Reyna says:

    Hello Liza,
    I just sent a submission through your site but it seems that it wont go through. Not sure if the files are too large for your system, or if indeed it did go through…
    Could I send them via email directly to you?
    Thank you so much!
    I am currently 26 weeks :)
    Estelle Raquel Reyna

  3. Sha says:

    Hi Liza,

    My name is Shardei Louis I have previously modeled before pregnancy and wanted to come to a open call

    Shardei Louis