Expecting Models for “Runway Moms” on Discovery Health

Posted by Liza Elliott-Ramirez December - 18 - 2008
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Runway Moms



In her five years of running Expecting Models, Liza Elliott-Ramirez has had some very interesting requests from clients. When a call comes in for a model to do a “belly cast” at a spa conference, Liza isn’t fazed and knows that Elizabeth Strelow is the model for the job.  Eight months pregnant, Elizabeth heads to this unique shoot with an open mind – she is going to create a cast that emulates her belly exactly!  A model and actress originally from Oregon , she worries about how much her life and career will change with a baby. To top it off, people have been coming up to her and telling her that her belly looks small.  With her husband Neil by her side, Elizabeth asks many questions at her doctor’s visit. The exam and sonogram shed light on her concerns. Later, Liza takes Elizabeth on a glamorous shopping spree to meet Liz Lange and learn about the latest maternity trends. 37 weeks into Elizabeth ’s pregnancy, her doctor finds her amniotic fluid level to be low and wants to induce her immediately. Will her baby come sooner than she expected?


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