Body Changes during Pregnancy

Posted by Liza Elliott-Ramirez February - 15 - 2016
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During your pregnancy, you are bound to notice many changes in your face– some good, some annoying. None of these changes are worrisome for your health, but it is helpful to understand why they occur and what you can do to prevent or fix them.

pregnancy changes

Melasma and Chlorasma

Also referred to as the “Mask of Pregnancy”- the red spots many women get around their face during their pregnancy. These spots usually occur around the forehead and cheeks. Since your body produces more hormones when you are pregnant, an increase in pigmentation can cause these spots. They can be prevented by wearing SPF at all times- even when you are not lying out in the sun. The easiest way to make sure that your skin is always protected is to use a daily moisturizer with SPF included, or if you wear makeup on a daily basis, invest in a foundation with SPF. If you still get hyper pigmentation, don’t fret- it will fade over time, and there are plenty of anti-redness serums available to help speed up the process.


The increase of hormones you get during pregnancy also causes your skin to produce more oil than usual. Because of this, it is extremely common to breakout during this time. Unfortunately, it is not recommended for pregnant women to use acne medicated products since they contain chemicals that can be unsafe. Still, you are not helpless, in order to clear your skin up, or avoid breakouts all together, clean your face thoroughly every morning and evening with a fragrance free cleanser. After you clean your face, apply an astringent or toner to banish excess oil. Be careful about which one you choose since many toners and astringents contain acne medications, so avoid those ones! Lastly, be sure to follow this with an oil free moisturizer. While this may seem counter-productive when you are already producing excess oil, it actually helps tremendously- when your skin is dry, you produce more oil to make up for it, so moisturizing your skin prevents this from happening.


A benefit of gaining pregnancy weight that many women enjoy is that the face becomes more plump, giving off a younger appearance. However, post pregnancy, it can be disappointing when this temporary plumpness fades, as for some women, the face becomes thinner and less youthful looking. There are many creams, serums, masks, and facial treatments that you can use to add some plumpness back into your face. If the thinness in your face after your pregnancy is something that really bothers you, consult with your dermatologist and get clearance from your doctor about injectable fillers such as Juvaderm or Restylane.

 Eyes and Lips

It is common for women to complain about sunken eyes and thinner lips during their pregnancy. However, despite popular belief, these changes are not caused by pregnancy themselves, but by the natural aging process. The fact that you are likely to be frequently tired during your pregnancy does not help either. To avoid this, be sure to moisturize regularly, use a safe eye cream, and drink plenty of water.

Pregnancy Glow

Arguably the best part of your pregnancy is the natural glow you get. This is caused by an increase of blood circulation which causes your face to look brighter. The increase in oil production also adds to this. If the oil is too much, feel free to blot, and use the skincare regimen discussed above. Other than that, there’s nothing you should do except enjoy your healthy glow!

2 Responses so far.

  1. Michelle F. says:

    Funny, I naturally have drier skin, so pregnancy oiliness kind of helped balance it out! I don’t love the occasional clogged pores that I get (for me, they appear around my hairline), but my skin is probably happier with the new-found moisture.

  2. Camila Damas says:

    I don’t know l that could happen. Thankfully in my both pregancies. Nothing on my face have gone bad. It’s actually the opposite. I get fuller and shinier hair. Glowing skin. But I do have friends that are pregnant right now and they got a lot of acne from the pregnancy. #feelinglucky :)