Fashionable Nursing clothes for the Modern Mom!

Posted by Liza Elliott-Ramirez March - 26 - 2017
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My name is Lisa Pittman. I’m the only Maternity Model to grace the cover of Fit Pregnancy 3 times!

Lisa Pittman

Lisa Pittman’s Real Mom, Real Talk!

Bun Maternity!

I still remember trying to balance my now 11 year-old daughter under a blanket in order to nurse in public. I was so nervous somebody would spot me and tell me that I should be breastfeeding her in a private place like my car or in a restroom. I ruined many necklines in those early years while pulling my shirts down to nurse, and eventually I just started layering my tank tops. I would pull up the top layer to cover the top of my boob, then pull the neckline of the bottom tank down while the bottom half of the bottom tank covered my squishy stomach. It was cumbersome and took a minute to accomplish while balancing a baby (or babies), but it was the best option I had at the time.

By the time my now 9 year old was born, and then my twins, now 6, there were some shirts and tanks on the market, but not many, and they weren’t very cute. I was nursing using my tank top trick, but also had a few cute basic nursing tank tops. I was also way more comfortable nursing in public at that point and not as concerned about accidentally flashing people so it wasn’t imperative that I cover, but there were certain situations that I just wanted to be more discreet for my own comfort.

Babies can sense it when mom is feeling tense, so then baby would get upset then mama would get upset- it would be a whole ordeal. It’s just easier to have the option. If I’m waiting at the DMV, I’d like to leave “have dozens of bored people in waiting room stare at my boob” off my list of things to do that day.

Nursing clothes for the fashionable momNow I find myself blown away at all the incredible options for nursing and pregnant mamas! In particular, Bun Maternity has these awesome ribbed tank tops that I would have had in every fabulous color and never taken off my body because they look so cozy and perfect for everyday wear. People, I live for tank tops.

Breastfeeding nursing tanks

I am a California girl and tank tops are my everything, they give me life- please shooooooow meeeee the tank tops! I’ve modeled and nursed for seven straight years, overlapping babies, and straight through my first two pregnancies, so the fact that there are cute maternity nursing tanks is huge to me… plus that extra room even works for months after baby is born because it takes a while to get that mama pouch back to at least semi-normal.

Fashion and Function combine to make the best nursing wear

Fashion and Function combine to make the best nursing wear

As a busy mom always on the move, I understand how important it is to have something as simple as a nursing tank top to make every day that much easier. I know what it’s like to feel the pressure to stay home on my couch and nurse, but I also remember feeling lonely and isolated for months at a time. While I look forward to the day that breastfeeding is normalized and women can nurse freely without fear of being judged, Bun Maternity provides a way for moms to feel like they can keep on keepin’ on with their large selection of stylish tank tops, shirts, dresses, and even sweat shirts!

Mom wearing a soft fringed maternity to nursing poncho.

Fashionable nursing wear

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By: Lisa Pittman


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