Fitness for new moms

Posted by Jade Goldstein February - 19 - 2016
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Feeling like you’ve traded in your “me time” for the precious gifts of motherhood. For a lot of us keeping up a daily workout regimen is just as important as eating 3 healthy meals a day. Engaging in any form of fitness whether It’s Dancing, Pilates, or weight training will help weight loss, cardiovascular health, social interaction and psychological well being.

Any fitness program for new moms has numerous health benefits. The trick is not to over think your work outs. Just get your body moving and the mind will follow!

After giving birth, exercise can also hasten recovery and help with muscle strengthening and toning resulting in the sexy body that got you here in the first place. Remember to maintain a balanced postnatal diet.

The Stork Magazine has collected these quick and fun exercises for new moms that will get those wonderful endorphin’s pumping, increase your heart rate while spending quality time with your little one.

Onward-Carrier Squats

Stand with your baby in a front carrier with your feet a little more than shoulder width apart and your toes slightly pointed outward.

Post-natal work out with baby

Inhale and lower your body into an imaginary chair, remember to keep your head up, you weight on your heels, your navel pulled in and your tailbone pointed to the ground. Engage in Kegal exercises at the same time. You may as well add more  muscles strengthening!

Exhale and return to your standing position. Aim for three sets of 12


Stride Time Lunges

While your baby is in their stroller , place your right foot back about three feet and your hands on the stroller. Align your shoulders elbows and wrists in one straight line. Bend your legs until your knee makes a ninety degree angle. At this point stroll on. Then push up using resistance through your right heel to your starting position. Aim for three sets of 12 on each side.

Post-natal Lunge using stroller


In line Abs

Lie flat on your back with your baby on your abdominal region. Support your baby while you lift your torso and extend both of your legs into the air (slightly bending your knees is always an option). Draw a single line up and down with your feet in a flexed position while singing gently to your baby. Keeping a slower pace with allow you to focus on using your core by keeping your navel pulled in toward your spine.

Post natal workout for new model mom


Remember to take your time during each exercise. Breathe slowly as you inhale through your nose and out through your mouth. Remember to check in and get clearance with your physician before engaging in any postpartum exercises.

Now enjoy the journey and stay a positive mom!

9 Months up, 9 Months down! Take it slow~


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