Food and Diet confusion for Post Partum Moms

Posted by Liza Elliott-Ramirez March - 7 - 2013
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We all get into occasional food grooves like soup and sandwich for lunches everyday. But if you’re a new mom looking to bounce back, it’s better to baffle your body with change.

As with PRE-AND POST NATAL EXERCISE, it’s accepted that changing workout routines, a process known as muscle confusion, helps you burn calories, efficiently. Mixing up your eating patterns (also called diet confusion) can keep your metabolism moving well.

Say good-bye to food boredom by making changes in your POST PREGNANCY DIET at least every two to three weeks. If you’ve been eating poultry regularly, switch to fish, for example, switch to chicken and meat for a while. Add a healthy salad and change from mesclun to arugula. At snack time, have fruit instead on nuts.

Fruit options for post Partum  momss

Never skip meals, but find a way to distribute calories from day-to-day. Try a hardy breakfast and a light lunch. It’s important to keep your metabolism from stalling and to consume the bulk of your calories earlier during the day when you’re more active.

Accept your body and it’s time clock. No two individuals are alike. Honor your pace and pay attention to when your metabolism is telling you to change things up.

Eating and maintaining a HEALTHY LIFESTYLE is a way of life. So learning your individual body cues is constant. Diet and exercise confusion can be a lifelong fun approach to living a life that ensures the weight from coming back.

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