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Posted by Liza Elliott-Ramirez March - 31 - 2012
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Pregnancy can be one of the most exciting experiences in life.  The exhilaration that accompanies the upcoming lifestyle changes is an incredibly fulfilling feeling.  However, this feeling of excitement and sheer joy is always followed by moments of stress and anxiety.  By far, the most stress is brought on by pondering the potential health of you and your baby.

Upon finding out you are pregnant, you no longer put yourself first.  There are a number of changes that are made to help ensure the health of your baby, such as not drinking alcohol or not eating processed deli meats.  One issue that many pregnant women forget to address is the use of chemical laden personal care products.  Most shampoos and conditioners contain dangerous chemicals and preservatives like sodium lauryl sulfate and parabens.  These chemicals are easily absorbed by the scalp – and your baby! – where they settle in vital organs and can deter the proper growth and development of your baby.  Once chemicals – like sodium lauryl sulfate – are ingested, they are hard for the body to expunge and can remain in the body for days.  With repeated use, sodium lauryl sulfate can remain in the body for years.  Do you really want your baby to start their life with these potentially dangerous chemicals?

Changing to natural and chemical free personal care products is the right choice for you and your family, but trying to figure out which products to use presents a whole new set of problems.  Some products are far too expensive, while others aren’t actually all natural.  Many products on the market today say “natural” or have natural sounding names, yet upon reading the ingredients, it is discovered that they contain harsh chemicals. For quality products, use Fundamental Earth, which is an American company whose products are cruelty free and both affordable and truly natural.

Fundamental Earth uses only nature’s most beneficial ingredients.  Products like Fundamental Shampoo and Fundamental Conditioner utilize olive oil and coconut oil.  Olive oil is nutrient rich, and creates a natural shield that locks in moisture.  This leads to a healthier scalp and a dandruff-free head.  Coconut oil is wonderful for bringing back your hair’s natural shine and luster.  Fundamental Conditioner for Normal to Dry Hair even uses organic Moroccan argan oil, which can revitalize the driest and most damaged hair.

Give your baby the opportunity to live a healthy and chemical free life.  Switching to chemical free personal care products will greatly reduce the amount of dangerous chemicals you and your baby consume.

Website: Fundamental Earth.

10 Responses so far.

  1. Heather Nix says:

    Fundamental Earth products are amazing. Unlike a lot of companies that market themselves to a certain age group with funky bottle shapes and colors, Fundamental Earth products are attractive to everyone!!! The Shampoo and Conditioners work miracles on ALL hair types and ALL ages. Great stuff!!! For the entire family. Only the purest and most natural ingredients. 100% chemical free. I wouldn’t let anything else touch my head or my children’s heads.

    • MKStewart says:

      Absolutely Awesome! Just love the lip-ice,face wash(that gently exfoliates) the shampoo,conditioner, that doesn’t oxidize the haircolor. Also the cream for dry skin is superior to any other product I’ve ever used! So easy to work with, with very favorable results!

    • Daphne says:

      Heather, i completely agree> this stuff is not just for one age category or gender, it is for babies, children, adults, males, females, Everyone! Instead of buying one shampoo for the kids, one for Dad, one for Mom, you can get all you need in one amazing product!

      Rebekka, YES! I am excited too! It’s great to finally see an awareness of how important it is to use chemical free. Many brands claim to be organic, or all natural but with Fundamental Earth the proof is in the ingredients, 100% pure and chemical free, just look at the label! Really amazing stuff.

  2. MZinn says:

    My niece recommended I try Fundamental Earth products to help with the time in between hair appointments, hair loss and eczema. I constantly experimented with shampoos and conditioners over the years never giving much thought to what my body was absorbing and how it was being negatively affected by all the toxic chemicals I was rubbing into my head. My scalp no longer has ANY dandruff, my hair is silky smooth and I’m noticing less hair in my shower drain. I’m now a Fundamental Earth customer for life. BEST STUFF ON THE MARKET!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Liza Elliott-Ramirez says:

      Fantastic feedback! Fundamental Earth for life! I love that. Toxic free and Yippee!!!

  3. Kenny says:

    My wife ordered this stuff online b/c I had dandruff.
    I had tried Selsun Blue and Neutrogena T-Gel (neither worked and they both STUNK)!. I used the shampoo one time and the dandruff was gone. I don’t need the conditioner because I have short hair but she uses it and her hair is much softer and is a lot less frizzy. We’ll be re-ordering for sure.

  4. Rebekka says:

    Finally! People are becoming aware of the importance of going chemical free. Best hair products I’ve ever used. They smell fantastic, they work great and compared to junky over priced shampoos that are sold in most salons, they’re really reasonably priced. YOU DON’T NEED DETERGENTS AND SULFATES TO CLEAN YOUR HAIR! If only more people understood how damaging most of the hair products out there are they would totally switch! Your hair needs it’s natural oils in order to be healthy and shiny. When you use cheap detergent shampoos it strips your hair and leaves it vulnerable and more susceptible to breakage. Hopefully it will make it’s way over to Europe so I don’t have to pay for shipping anymore!

  5. Daphne says:

    This shampoo and conditioner is not only the most amazing all natural chemical free shampoo ive ever tried, it is the most amazing shampoo and conditioner period. I can tell you from years of experience, i have tried every natural/organic shampoo out there and not only to any of them not have the same completely 100% chemical free ingredients, they just did not make my hair look, feel and smell the way Fundamental Earth does. It makes my hair look like it did fifteen years ago, bouncy, shiny, sexy; it doesn’t weigh it down, yet still gives it that full healthy look. I will never use another shampoo or conditioner again and this is the only stuff i put on my 3 year old daughters hair. Also, on another positive note, my daughters whole preschool was infected with hair lice and she did not get it: the coconut oil and essential oil of lavender these products contain is a natural lice repellent! You can look it up: coconut oil and lavender oil or natural remedies for lice. Not only do i as an adult get to have the healthiest best hair i can have without putting yucky chemicals on it, i am not exposing my daughter to harmful chemicals and as a result of her using these products stays lice free. What more could a woman and mother ask for?
    Their chemical free lotion is so amazing, i use it on my face! I could go on and on about this stuff, it is AMAZING! FIVE STARS ALL THE WAY!!!

  6. Pamela says:

    So long Pureology!!! I switched to F.E. just last week actually b/c my hair dresser recommended it to me. Wish I had known about this line sooner. All the money I could have saved over the years!!!!!!!!!

  7. Selina says:

    Yes please!! Just placed my order. I heard about this line a couple of months ago. The company is family owned and operated and everything is Made In America. Why wouldn’t someone want to use these products? To me……it’s a no brain-er.