Gestational Diabetes- eat smart just like a model

Posted by Lizette Alicea February - 21 - 2012
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The Cause of Gestational Diabetes in Pregnancy can occur because the natural hormone imbalance can cause a slight change in glucose. This  means that your blood sugar may be higher than normal. Generally this condition may occur in your 24th week of pregnancy.

Pregnant Models, Stay away from eating too many carbohydrates; eat protein, leafy greens and vegetables. The way to monitor this risk is by eating a balanced diet. Speak to your nutritionist to ensure you are eating all of the right foods.

It’s a new body and the transformation does not only occur on the outside. There are digestive changes to be mindful of as well.  So yes, eat as much as you like, but eat smart and when your belly feels full, well, it is.

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