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Posted by Liza Elliott-Ramirez November - 12 - 2013
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Models, are you ready to discover how beautiful you really are? It’s time to unlock your natural beauty and we are going to tell you how. Rather than offering you one solution to fix everyone, we suggest that you learn the do’s and dont’s for your face. No one knows your face better than you so pay attention to what works and why it works.

Mommy makeup

Natural Makeup

When it comes to makeup hindsight is 20/20. Sultry, smoky eye makeup can be a sexy girls best friend or worst nightmare. For women over 35, less is more. Lighter shades or light powder tend to weather nicely for the mature woman. Don’t get blind sighted by light refractive makeup or shimmer highlights. At this stage, it’s not the time to experiment. Overdone makeup is pleasing to the eye on the runway and in photos.

Take stock of your skin tone, eye, cheek and lip shape. Learn to work with your natural skin shade. Avoid color palettes that are far away from your eyelid tone. Minimize your bronzer shade and steer away from heavy lip liner.

Overdone makeup happens when applying products in excess.  You want to make sure your appearance is light and natural. Foundations and powders come in several shades. Match one with your skin. Use earthy tones when applying eye makeup and avoid heavy liner.  Select a blush matching the tone of your cheeks after a workout. Then finish with a light neutral gloss on the lips. We recommend light strokes when using a makeup with a brush.

It’s your beauty moment and every mom is individual. Heavy makeup is for the yesterday’s girl.  Mom, treat yourself to a well deserved break. Allow your face a natural beauty space. The real you is worthy of your natural glisten. It’s your year to sparkle.


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