Giving Birth Q&A: How to Face the Deed with Comforting Tips

Posted by Liza Elliott-Ramirez August - 1 - 2013
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Pregnancy to labor to delivery–the closer your due date gets, the more nervous you seem to be. Giving birth sounds terrifying to first-timers and anxiety starts accumulating. As you grow pregnant with fear, The Stork Magazine hopes to ease your terror with a few comforting tips.


What are the most common fears about giving birth?

The pain of giving birth is the most common fear among most women going into labor. However, for those whose pain tolerance is off the charts, other fears include the following: giving birth anywhere but a hospital, unhealthy baby, the endangerment of the lives of mom and/or baby, unplanned method of delivery, tearing, bowel movement, overexposure in the delivery room, the responsibility of a little one’s life, long labor, incorrect epidural, and the worst of them all–the unknown.

Hopefully we did not add more fears to your list. If we did, we have several ways to conquer these trembling troubles.

What are some ways I could ease my anxiety about labor?

First, expecting mothers tend to forget how complications are very rare and how giving birth is much more common considering about 250 babies are born each minute.

Second, there are several women who you can learn from about labor and delivery who have already experienced it. Lamaze classes, group classes, therapy sessions with pregnant friends, your mom or aunt, or even your partner. Talking about your fears or writing them in a journal can help ease your worries.

How can reading information online and in books about labor comfort my concerns?

Although getting all the information you can about pregnancy and birth is very important for expecting moms, all the rare and frightening stories can have you fearing your due date even more. Remind yourself that those stories are only told to prepare you for any possible circumstance, and it does not mean the same thing will happen to you.

Even though hundreds of thousands of women face these fears daily, other women will do anything to avoid the pain and anxiety by opting for a C-section. While this becomes the only option for some women last minute, there are several reasons to avoid this surgery as well.

Why should I not plan a C-section?

The cesarean section surgery has several ramifications if performed and is better to avoid if possible. There are many cases where labor slows down or stops and a C-section is necessary. However, a C-section can endanger both mom and baby, cause infection, cause heavy blood loss, sometimes threaten the second birth, and takes a longer recovery. An infinite number of women have and will have a healthy, natural birth–it is a natural process after all!

As your fears accumulate before your due date, we have one last tip to ease your angst–every mother you know has tackled delivery and crossed the finish line with pride and a brand new baby who will make your concerns dissipate within the first hold. Embrace this special time as much as you can. Good luck mommies!

What are your greatest fears going into the delivery room? What do you do to ease your concerns?

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