Sex during Pregnancy

Posted by Jason Moskovitz December - 23 - 2016
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Having sex during pregnancy can feel awkward and uncomfortable. Pregnant woman have less sex than they’re use to having particularly during the first trimester. Woman aren’t as aroused because the are experiencing changes that impact their desire. Energy is low and sex can feel awkward and different. Hormones can play a factor physiologically which may impact their desire. As weight gain increases their growing belly can get in the way. Although your partner may be in the mood, you can maintain intimacy in ways that keep the bonding fire.

It’s important to communicate what you are feeling. Your partner may be feeling similarly. Unless you share your feelings,  no one is a mind reader. Try new ways to spend quality time together. This too shall pass.  Get the green light from your doctor to travel. A baby moon might be in order. Make your 9 months a romantic getaway!



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