Remembering the meaning of Memorial Day!

Posted by Liza Elliott-Ramirez May - 29 - 2017
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On Memorial Day, so many people are enjoying barbecue festivities by the poolside or basking in the sun at the beach. Countless American’s will celebrate a paid day off, and brag about fun times, while others are going through grief and mourning remembering those people who died over the years that served our country.

Memorial Day is a day to pay tribute the American people who lost their lives to fight for our freedom! Families, friends and loved ones are decorating graves with beautiful flowers wondering what life would be like if their loved one was still alive. It’s quite heartbreaking and a hard day for so many Americans!

God Bless America 2017

Love is eternal, yet not having the physical presence of someone near and dear to your heart is devastating. Life is so precious and when our physical form part ways, you may never see that person again. So take this day to honor those who are no longer here and appreciate those who are. Let’s remember the real meaning of Memorial Day!

The here and now is what is real! Don’t that priceless moment slip away. Take it in. Appreciate the people who love you and show up for you. Then forgive those who can’t!

Sending Peace and Love to all the men and women, families, friends and children who have lost a loved one so endless Americans can live a privileged life!



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