Hair Care for Maternity Models and Model Moms

Posted by Liza Elliott-Ramirez July - 19 - 2012
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Balancing styling with healthy hair is one of the trickiest parts of being a model.  Your hair is constantly being bombarded by hot tools and chemicals, but you are expected maintain lush, healthy hair.  Thankfully, there are now many products and tools on the market that help repair past damage and protect hair from future damage.

Deep conditioners work to restore and replenish damaged hair. Internationally known hair stylist, Christo Curlisto, says condition, condition, condition when trying to achieve healthy hair. Deep conditioning will help you combat the daily wear and tear that models face. These concentrated formulas contain essential proteins and amino acids that go deep into the hair shaft to revitalize, strengthen, and condition. Deep conditioner often contains Vitamins A and E which help leave hair softer and more manageable after every use. Deep conditioning your hair before photo shoots and events makes it more resistant to damage and offers great protection.  As a model, having healthy hair takes preventative measures.

Another step you can take to promote beautiful hair is to style it smarter. When possible use cold settings on hair-dryers to limit heat damage and frying. You might also consider investing in a hi-tech hair dryer that uses technology to improve the condition of your hair. The Curlisto Ozone Hair Dryer decreases drying time, makes hair stronger and healthier, and eliminates frizz. These types of products allow you to create model hair without having to face the damage that comes with it. Finally, remember that healthy hair is beautiful hair so take time off from styling when your work schedule permits.  Treat your hair with love and care and eventually you will see results.

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