Happy Father’s Day!

Posted by Liza Elliott-Ramirez June - 21 - 2015
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These days men may or may not learn how to be a Dad from his biological father. It’s not until the birth of his baby that he starts the most important journey of his lifetime. Building a relationship with your son or daughter is a delicate process. Often times New Dad’s become overwhelmed with a variety of feelings; overabundance of joy, frustration, love, fear and hope. It’s a beautiful time and it’s important that you make a choice not sweat the small stuff. You are about to embark on a variety of changing stages so hold on and enjoy the ride!

New Dads on Father's Day 2015

Some men may experience stress and anxiety at the mere thought of becoming a father. This is natural. It’s important to stay in touch with what you are feeling and know that you are not alone. Being responsible for another human being can be scary. Accept that thought and simply do the next right thing. No need to panic about becoming a father, you are not the first man with a wide range of feelings and certainly won’t be the last!

Fatherhood will challenge you. Often times you get to see glimpses of a mini you in this child you’ve created. This is the perfect opportunity to welcome change to be the best man you can possibly be. Don’t get down on yourself, no one is perfect. Isn’t that a relief?

However, you do have that mirror up close and personal, so if what you see isn’t working, it’s the perfect time to make changes. It takes a strong man to acknowledge ways for personal character growth.

Make sure to honor yourself. You are special to this human being you’ve helped bring into this world. Rejoice and know that you are the light of your child’s life. You will probably always be. What a beautiful way to live a life with purpose.

Enjoy your journey and remember to make a choice to be happy!

Happy Father’s Day!



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