Happy Mother’s Day

Posted by Lauren Robinson May - 10 - 2014
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mothers day

Mother’s Day is here and whether you’re expecting or your little one is already here, this is a time to celebrate and be celebrated! Motherhood is a huge responsibility that takes hold of your life, your body, your mind, and well…everything else that you can think of!

Mother’s Day is widely known as a day to celebrate one’s own mother, grandmother, or any other “mothering” figure. Expecting mothers are often over looked, but the truth is, they are should be celebrated too! After all, they are physically going through a very intense bonding moment with their little one. And just because the world has yet to meet the little bundle of joy, it doesn’t mean that they aren’t there. With the slightest touch of a belly bump, one could easily feel a kick from the little burst of energy.

Now if your bundle of joy has already arrived, there is absolutely no excuse. You are an amazing Mom, and you must be celebrated. After all, running around after a little one is no easy task. Whether you have a romantic dinner with your partner, or you spend quality time with your mother, you must relax and enjoy the day. But if you’re having just a little trouble deciding on what exactly do to for your day, a few great ideas of how to spend Mother’s Day are just below.

  1. 1)Spending time. With just your partner and yourself, this one on one time may be exactly what is needed. Especially with a little one ripping and running constantly, rekindling the fire is a must. Spending time with your own mother could also be a great idea. Especially if you are expecting, having a peaceful moment with your mother could help alleviate the stress and worries that you may be dealing with.
  2. 2)Time alone. Ironically, the people you love the most are sometimes the ones you need a break from. Don’t feel nervous or selfish to ask for this, a little peace and quiet to yourself is healthy. Having your partner treat you to a spa day could be the perfect way to unwind. Or even going on a shopping trip. You can either enjoy this alone or have some friends tag along. A girls day out may be exactly what the doctor called for.
  3. 3)With the ones you love. You love your partner and of course you love your baby. Maybe you don’t want to be away from them. That’s totally understandable. Perhaps the perfect Mother’s Day for you is a day at the park, or even at the beach with the ones that matter most. As long as it doesn’t involve you cooking in a hot kitchen all day, allow them to pamper you, enjoy you, and celebrate you together.

So no matter what you do, just be happy. And enjoy your day, after all you earned it!

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    Please let me know of ANY sexy comments about pregnant ladies.