Help for the Single Mom and Mommy-to-Be

Posted by Kelly Pellett April - 24 - 2014
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First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes baby in the baby carriage! For some women this is how life is, but for others, pregnancy is experienced in other ways. Each pregnant woman’s situation is individual and unique, however some people have to face a pregnancy unprepared and without a partner. Whether young or mature, in a relationship or single, a woman can feel scared if she lacks aid and healthy connections. If you or anybody you know needs help, resources, or counseling for a stressful pregnancy, there are organizations that can help.

Various Resources for SINGLE MOMS: Are you a single mother and find that life can be lonely and difficult? Single Parent Advocate is an organization that helps single parents with social support and resources. Links are provided that assist in government aid, shelter, food, transportation, health and council, employment aid, and childcare.

Housing for Single Moms: A pregnant woman may require shelter for various reasons. Some mothers-to-be are not supported by their family, some are alone, and others need shelter for domestic abuse. These two organizations dedicate their work to helping young pregnant women receive refuge and resources to become independent and safe. and

Financial Aid : Financial struggles cause great anxiety for many people. When an individual is unexpectedly pregnant, they may need assistance and advice on all things including money! The Grants for Single Mother website offers practical tips and resources for women who need help. Information on tough questions/situations and an abundance of financial aid that you can apply for! Did you know that you can get free gas? I didn’t know until I looked at this website:

Raising a Child : Being a parent can be difficult, but there are organizations that are committed to giving tips and resources on how to raise a child.

Support: The Nurturing Network is an amazing organization that’s dedicated to giving compassion and healing to pregnant women whose family and friends have not supported them. They provide loving service to women who feel alone. Check them out at:

Networking and Resources: Single Mom has information about financial aid, dating, relationships, health, and assistance, as well as stories and articles written by other single moms! This website informs women that they are not the only one’s going through this experience.

Adoption: Women who experience an unplanned pregnancy may choose to seek out an adoptive family for their baby. Two great resources for learning about the adoption process are: and

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  1. Camila Damas says:

    Great helpful article for the single moms to be. They are lucky to be in a country that offers so many ways to help this kind of situation