Herbal remedies for pregnancy

Posted by Liza Elliott-Ramirez October - 8 - 2014
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Throughout your pregnancy, you want to keep everything that goes into your body as natural, healthy and holistic as possible- everything that enters your body gets to your baby as well. Your body is your temple and you want to take everything you can to maximize your health during your pregnancy. Herbal remedies probably sound like a good way to do that, but you have probably heard too much, both positive and negative, about different supplements, it can be hard to navigate. Remember to check with a doctor before taking anything new!


Before You Become Pregnant

Along with prenatal vitamins, many women swear by certain herbal supplements when it comes to preparing for pregnancy. Some that come with especially high praises include:

Fermented Cod Liver- this contains tons of nutrients, and is both helpful with increasing fertility and developing a healthy baby. Fermented Cod Liver also contains a high amount of Omega-3, which boosts hormone production and reduces inflammation.

Nettle Leaf- this has as a very high mineral content, contains lots of chlorophyll, and nourishes the adrenals and kidneys. It also helps reduce stress and is a powerful uterine tonic.

Red Clover– this is known to help balance hormones and help with fertility. It contains almost every trace mineral and is very high in vitamins.

Vitext/Chaste Tree Berry- this nourishes the pituitary gland and helps lengthen the luteal phase, and also lowers prolactin while raising progesterone.


During Your Pregnancy

These natural herbal remedies are healthy during pregnancy and do wonders in aiding some common pregnancy woes.

Ginger- the benefits of ginger have been widely studied and confirmed- women widely agree that ginger is extremely helpful in combating morning sickness.

Alfalfa- this contains a huge amount of Vitamin K which is super important for babies; it prevents brain hemorrhaging. Newborns are even injected with Vitamin K right in the hospital. It is recommended to take this in the final weeks of your pregnancy.

Red Raspberry Leaf- making a tea using red raspberry leaves is believed to help tone and prepare your uterus for an easier delivery.

Nettle Leaf-this is also good to take throughout your pregnancy as well as before it, because it provides you with tons of nutrients, and contains Vitamin K for the baby.


After You Give Birth

The supplements don’t need to stop once the you’ve delivered your baby. There are things you can be taking to help you bounce back after your pregnancy!

B-Complex-these help your balance recover from stress by balancing your mood and energy levels.

Sub-lingual B12-this helps build back your blood after pregnancy and labor- many ailments are caused by blood deficiency post pregnancy.

Nettles Tonic-this can be taken dry or made into tea. It works over several months to help nourish your body and restore its energy with its gentle harmonizing tonic action.

Homeopathic Sleep Aids- taking mild, natural sleep aids like melatonin and lavender will be extremely helpful when you are facing post pregnancy, new baby restless nights.

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  1. Michelle F. says:

    Wow. Herbal remedies is something I know little about so this is super interesting.

  2. Camila Damas says:

    Even when I’m not pregnant i hate taking medicines over the counter or by prescription. They are the last thing I run to. I always goes toward the old fashioned natural medicine way that my mom tought me and her mom tought her. For cold and flu I drink lots of a tea I do myself with the peel of a whole lime. 3 cloves of garlic peeled off. Boil in cup of water for a few minutes. Pour in a cup and add honey. That always helps me a lot. For sore throat I boil one cup of milk with 1 stick of cinammon and a little bit of butter. Pour in a cup and add honey. It taste delicious and it soothes the throat sooo goood