Here comes the Pregnant Bride!

Posted by Kelly Pellett February - 26 - 2014
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pregnant bride

You’re pregnant, you’re fashionable, you’re engaged, and now you’re stressed! Perhaps you’re normally a whiz at selecting trendy attire, but choosing a wedding gown is a completely different story! Women spend months shopping for a gown hoping to find the perfect one, but for pregnant brides it can be even more difficult! You’re body is changing, and there is no telling how much you will pop! With all the uncertainty, where can you find a gown that you’ll feel comfortable in? Keep reading for a list of tips and maternity-friendly stores that will make your wedding planning much easier! So stop stressing about the dress and start focusing on what’s truly important: the new family you are about to create on the day of your dreams!

 How far along are you? The first question you should ask yourself is: what trimester will I be getting married in? Depending on your answer, you may have a large selection of bridal gowns to choose from, or you may be very limited. If you will be still early in your pregnancy and have little to no bump, you will have a large selection at your disposal. On the safe side, however, it would be best to choose a gown with flow y material, or purchase the dress a size or two bigger! It is much easier to take a gown in than to make it a larger size! If you are a woman who’s getting hitched later in pregnancy, you will need to take extra precautions!

 Pregnant-friendly gowns: Will you be walking down the aisle with an obvious plus one? If so, there are still many options to choose from when it comes to gowns!

Empire-waist gowns, for example, are always a great option for the pregnant bride! Picture yourself in Pride and Prejudice fashion, and with the tightest material being just below your bust, there will be plenty of room and material for you to feel comfortable in. Make sure to inform the seamstress and bridal store that you need extra room for the fitting because you do not want to spend extra money buying a new dress at the end, or have to deal with adding more material.

A-line. If you aren’t keen on empire-waist, another dress style you can try is A-line. This dress style works for pregnant women because, similar to empire-waist, the dress is tighter up top and looser as it goes down. This style can give plenty of room near the stomach and, if you choose a bigger size, can be fitted perfectly for your belly.

Chiffon. A gorgeous material that you should consider is chiffon. Chiffon material will flow and be light and airy, and won’t weigh down your body! This material will drape over your belly and it will be more versatile than less stretchy fabric. Make sure to try on this material, however, to be sure it’s just the right fit.

Stay away gowns: Gowns that a pregnant woman should stay away from are the mermaid and column dresses! These designs are not meant for women who need extra room in the stomach-region. Although a mermaid style can look gorgeous on a pregnant woman, it’s difficult to ensure that it will fit just right on the wedding day. You never know what your body will look like in a few weeks, and what may fit perfectly today will most likely not fit the same the following week. It takes time to alter wedding dresses, and you will need a forgiving design to look wonderful for whatever size you are! Column dresses are also a no-go because it is designed to stay the same shape from top to bottom. You will be curvy and will need plenty of room, but you want to make sure that the dress hugs in the right areas.

 Designers specifically for maternity gowns:

Although you can choose a pregnant-friendly dress from most designers, it may be helpful to check out wedding gowns specifically made for you in mind! Two fashion companies that are worthwhile to browse are Tiffany Rose and Seraphine Maternity!

Tiffany Rose is a maternity clothing company that specifically creates upscale maternity wear for special occasions, including bridal! They pride themselves in making garments inspired by the 50s and 60s, and everything’s made in Britain! Check out their website: and see the wide-range of maternity clothes that you can choose from!

Seraphine Maternity is a maternity fashion company that began in London and has now grown to serve more than 20 countries! View their website: to see their entire collection!

Whatever gown you choose, you will look lovely on your fairy-tale day!

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