How To Become A Pregnancy Model

Posted by Liza Elliott-Ramirez October - 30 - 2011
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Do you have what it takes to be a pregnancy model and showcase maternity clothes? Besides the obvious requirement (a bun in the oven), find out what modeling agencies are looking for, at what point in your pregnancy you should start looking and how to start booking maternity jobs and making money.

Pregnancy Fashion spoke with Liza Elliott-Ramirez, the President/Founder of Expecting Models for pointers on becoming a pregnancy model.

Pregnancy Fashion: What is the best way to let  Expecting Models know you are interested in pregnancy modeling?

Liza Elliott-Ramirez: Expecting Models is the one and only maternity modeling agency that caters to this niche market. Our website, has a submission tab where potential pregnant models can upload their photos. We do go through every single submission. Expecting Models only represents real professional models and actresses so prior modeling experience is a prerequisite.

We often work with other fashion agencies where they will supply us with their talent for a temporary amount of time. It’s a win, win for everyone.

Pregnant Models

PF: What tips do you have for moms wanting to get into pregnancy modeling?

Liza Elliott-Ramirez: Maternity models are expected to maintain a healthy physique throughout their pregnancy. We encourage our models to maintain their normal exercise regimen, eat nutritional meals and continue their style in fashion prior to getting pregnant. I discourage major changes like cutting off all your hair. Make sure you go the extra mile and put on a little bit of mascara, blush and lip gloss. Don’t overdo your makeup. You already have the glow so we want to enhance not distort your look.

Maternity modeling is a temporary career and our clients expect a groomed, well seasoned professional on set. So keep being the “you” before getting pregnant. You just happen to have a bump!

PF: At what stage of pregnancy should women start looking for pregnancy modeling jobs?

Liza Elliott-Ramirez: Expecting Models wants to know that you are pregnant immediately. We often have clients looking to do stories and features on every stage of pregnancy. We’ve booked models in their first trimester.

In many cases, women start to show earlier if they’ve already had a baby. Every woman carries differently so we like to be the judge. In addition, this gives us a jump start on promoting!

PF: Do they need to provide photos as their pregnancy progresses?

Liza Elliott-Ramirez: Providing the agency with updated digitals of your ever changing belly is required. Expecting Models website is the main source that maternity clients use when looking to book a pregnant model. So send us updates or make an appointment to pop in and strike a pose! Just be prepared to pop it out!

We also get tons of bookings in the mommy/baby and real family divisions, so let us know if you are down for double the rate!!!

Mommy Models

If you think you have what it takes to model during your pregnancy, please submit your pre-pregnancy model portfolio photos here:

163 Responses so far.

  1. Gaby says:

    So you need to be a model before you become pregnant? Or can y just try out at one of your auditions? I did some modeling for photographers and theater years ago but nothing “professional” I mean I was never represented by an agency or anything like that, I would love to be a pregnant model (whenever I get pregnant again!) but can I do it without any previous ” professional ” experience?

  2. Liza Elliott-Ramirez says:

    So you need to be a model before you become pregnant?
    Generally my clients will only book models that become pregnant.

    Or can y just try out at one of your auditions?
    There are cases where clients prefer real looking ladies that can handle performing in front of a camera.

    I did some modeling for photographers and theater years ago but nothing “professional” I mean I was never represented by an agency or anything like that, I would love to be a pregnant model (whenever I get pregnant again!) but can I do it without any previous ” professional ” experience?

    Since you are not pregnant, now might be a great time for you to set up a shoot with a professional photographer and get photos that can put you in the running!
    I say, go for it!

  3. Tenia says:


    Do you have any Chicago offices? I am currently 6 months and would love to be able do a bit of pregnant modeling. I have modeled before as well…

  4. Liza Elliott-Ramirez says:

    @Tenia, Can you submit your photo here?
    I represent across the United States. I’d love to see your pre pregnancy photos and a few digitals of what you look like now.

    Thank you and I’m looking forward to receiving your submission!
    Liza Elliott-Ramirez

  5. Tenia H. says:

    Hello Lisa,

    That’s wonderful news. I submitted my photos and specs earlier this afternoon via your website..

  6. Liza Elliott-Ramirez says:

    @Tenic wonderful. I will take a look. Have a wonderful and restful night! Sleep with your angels:-)

  7. Te'Ayrah says:

    Hello Liza,
    I am currently 6months pregnant and would like to start doing some pregnancy modeling but I have a slight problem, i’m 15 years old. My question is do you know of any agencies I could come in contact with as far as starting to model?

  8. Vivian says:

    Hello Liza,

    I am currently 7 months pregnant is it too late for me? I done some modeling in the past when i was 16 years old so is been a while for me. hope hear from you soon!

    Thank you

  9. natercia lino says:

    hi im 5 month pregnant, and im looking for some pregnant modelling agencys in london(uk). if u know some website, name, something, would be good.thnx natercia

  10. Brooke says:

    Hey Liza,
    So i’m wondering do you have a height requirement like most agencies? I submitted some snapshots hope you guys like them!


    • Liza Elliott-Ramirez says:

      Hi Brooke,
      I love your photos and your look- Do you have any professional pre-pregnancy photos in your book? If so, can you send them on the submission form?

      I’d really love to consider you. Also, are you available to travel for bookings? Let me know-

      Thanks and a big congratulations!!

      • Brooke says:

        Hey Liza,
        Great to hear from you and i’m very happy you liked my pictures. As for the pre-pregnancy professional photos I do have some but they’re from about 2years ago and beyond I took a break from modeling before pregnancy, but I will put them together and send them let me know if thats ok also im in the works of getting some new professional photos, and yes i am available to travel for work currently I’m in the DC area so northeastern regions are always great :) I’ll get those pics sent to you as soon as I get home.


        • Liza Elliott-Ramirez says:

          Okay- sounds great Brooke- I’ll be on the look out!


          • Brooke says:

            Hey Liza,
            Ok so I dont have any pics on my laptop except for a headshot which I sent to get things started. I talked to some people who have copies of my other pictures and they will be sending them to me asap. So as soon as I get those I will be sending them as well. I hope thats ok.

            Thank You,
            Brooke :)

          • Liza Elliott-Ramirez says:

            Hi Brooke,
            Send the along as soon as you can. Thanks for your efforts!

          • Brooke says:

            Hey Liza,
            Just wanted to let you know that im still waiting for my pictures but I should have them all by the end of the weekend. Easter I guess is the worst time to ask people to send stuff everyones so busy lol. Just making sure you dont forget about me.

            Brooke :)

  11. Elsa Corral says:

    Hello Liza,
    I’m just following up on the submission of my photos of my husband and I.
    We submitted at least 2 weeks ago.
    Thanks in advance

  12. Kasandra Jean-Louis says:

    Hello Liza,

    I recently submitted a photo of me being 4 months pregnant-will be 5 months this Thursday-hope you and your team like it. I would also like to know if you had an office here in Atlanta, Georgia?
    Thank you,

    • Liza Elliott-Ramirez says:

      We do not have an office in Atlanta. But will keep you on our radar. Thank you!

      • Kasandra Jean-Louis says:

        Thank you so much, looking forward to hopefully working with you someday.

  13. Angelica says:

    Dear Liza,

    Hi, I first heard about your company back when I was pergnant with my first son back in 2008. I wanted to contact you back then, but I live in central FL and wasn’t sure that you would be able to do anything for me. I’ve modeled in my past when I was younger. Haven’t done much since then. I’m once again with child about 18weeks and I noticed something about submissions from FL don’t need to be marked “out-of-state” So I was wondering where there is an office and if there is anyway I can go by?

    Thanks so much can’t wait to hear back!

  14. Esmeilyn Adames says:

    Just submitted my photos & Stats!
    Let’s hope someone sees my info! :)

  15. Elsa says:

    Goodluck to you all!
    I submitted my info over 2months ago and never got a reply. Not even to say they had received my info/pics!

    • Liza Elliott-Ramirez says:

      Thank you Elsa, good luck to you as well. Have a great pregnancy and healthy baby! We will certainly keep your submission on file and keep you on our radar.

      • Jasmine says:

        Hello Liza my name is Jasmine i live Queens,New York area. I emailed you my pre-pregnancy photos i will 4 months in September. I have done freelance modeling before and i love to get into maternity modeling. I hope you like my pictures.:)

      • Jasmine says:

        Hello Liza my name is Jasmine i live Queens,New York area. I emailed you my pre-pregnancy photos i will be 4 months in September. I have done freelance modeling before and i would like to get into maternity modeling. I hope you like my pictures.:)

  16. Liza Elliott-Ramirez says:

    Elsa You did get a response. Did you check your spam box? In any event, even though I did respond to you, There are times I can’t for everyone-

    Displayed on the top of my submission States…
    “Due to the high volume of submissions please understand that we cannot respond to every entry. Thank you and best of luck”.

  17. Elsa says:

    No, I never received it. Please resend it.

    • Liza Elliott-Ramirez says:

      Thank you for your submission. We will not be moving forward with representation. Thank you Elsa.

  18. Elsa says:

    I have an updated pic I’d like to send you now that I have my baby bump. However it doesn’t upload to your submit site, can I email it to you? Please let me know

    • Liza Elliott-Ramirez says:

      Thank you for attempting to send along your submission. At this time, we will not be moving forward with representation. Good luck with your pregnancy.

  19. April Jackson says:

    Hello there,

    I just submitted my pictures :-)
    I wasnt sure if you wanted a photo of my little baby bumb. We just found out I am 4 weeks pregnant this week. It was totally unexpected, after our twins passed after giving birth at 5months last year, we were told that I wouldnt be able to get pregnant for awhile. So we are excited and would love to embrace this pregnancy and be represented by your company.

    Please let me know if I qualify.

    with love

    • Liza Elliott-Ramirez says:

      Hi April,
      Thank you for sending along your submission. I’m sorry to hear about your loss, yet happy to hear you were able to get pregnant so soon. I will keep you on my radar. Thanks again.

  20. April Jackson says:

    Hey there Liza, I am not sure if you saw my pictures yet. I also booked with a photographer to capture my baby bump in a week. Let me know if you have any requests.

    xoxo april. thanks again

  21. Dawn Fontenette says:

    Hi Liza. I modeled with a small agency in Miami for a short time going on 7 years ago. I dont know if that counts though. On another note, I have tried to submit my photos and measurements twice now on two seperate occasions. The problem is, when I click send, nothing happens. Just these two arrows going in a circluar motion but thats it. I wait and wait and its just the arrows. It doesnt send me to a page or anything saying they have been sent. I dont want to keep trying and your getting my submissions every time and get aggrivated like, “why does she keep sending me submissions over and over?” then dont consider me at all. Im just not sure if they’re going through and want to make sure. Thank you

    • Liza Elliott-Ramirez says:

      Let me take a look Dawn- I do get all submissions.
      I just can’t reply to them all-

      I’ll get back to you-




  23. Teresa dudzikowski says:

    I am writing in regards to modeling as a pregnant woman. I have been told by many people that I need to contact someone about modeling because I am the perfect candidate. I am in great shape, 29 years old, having my second child and 6 1/2 months pregnant. I am finally taking the advice from my friends and random strangers! It is worth a shot! : )

    I can be contacted at
    Or 203.233.3217

    Thank you for your time. It is greatly appreciated.

    Teresa Dudzikowski

  24. Teresa dudzikowski says:

    I am writing in regards to modeling as a pregnant woman. I have been told by many people that I need to contact someone about modeling because I am the perfect candidate. I am in great shape, 29 years old, having my second child and 6 1/2 months pregnant. I am finally taking the advice from my friends and random strangers! It is worth a shot!  : ) 

    Brown hair and brown eyes, 5’9″, thin besides the belly : ), shoe size 8.5, breast measurements 32 DD, and wear a dress size 2 or 4. 

    I can be contacted at
    Or 203.233.3217

    Thank you for your time. It is greatly appreciated. 

    Teresa Dudzikowski

  25. Agent/ Expecting Models says:

    Hi Teresa,
    Congratulation- Can you kindly submit your photos here:
    Thank you!

  26. Kate Holloman says:

    Hi Liza, I am also curious about the options as I am not a professional model. I am 5’5″ and 27 weeks pregnant. I did submit my photos. I would love to do something so I hope that there would be an opening for someone like me too. Kate

  27. Kate Holloman says:

    Update: the page doesn’t respond when I hit send. Is there another way I can send my submition? You can let me know via email. Thank you.

  28. Sheiba says:

    Hello Liza,

    I am currently 2 1/2 months pregnant and I also have a beautiful 8 year old son that I think you guys could be interested in. I have modeled before but that was roughly 6 years ago so the professional pre-pregnancy pictures I have are from that time. Would you suggest I just send non-professional pre- pregnancy photos of myself?

    I look forward to your response.

  29. Kellie says:

    Good Morning Liza!

    I have just submitted a couple of photos of my belly, I have tons more, face and belly hsots, nude, etc — if necessary. I am full term now, as my due date is October 13th. However, wondering if the option to have my pictures shown in the magazine is a possibility?


  30. Kellie says:

    Good Morning Liza!

    I have just submitted a couple of photos of my belly, I have tons more, face and belly shots, nude, etc — if necessary. I am full term now, as my due date is October 13th. However, wondering if the option to have my pictures shown in the magazine is a possibility?


  31. Kellie says:

    Good Morning Liza!

    I have just submitted a couple of photos of my belly, I have tons more, face and belly shots, nude, etc — if necessary. I am full term now, as my due date is October 13th. However, wondering if the option to have my pictures shown in the magazine is a possibility?


  32. Anna says:

    Hi Liza,

    I submitted my photos through your website. Currently my family live in NYC and i have a previous modeling experience. i forgot to mention in my submission that we have 4 years old son. I can send you his pictures if you would be interested. Hope to hear from you soon.

    Best regards,

  33. Priscilla says:

    Hi Liza,

    My son is 3 months. I am interested in having him work as a model for companies who advertise infant products. I’ve tried submitting his pictures on your online submssion section, but there appears to be a glitch. Once I download the pictures and click submit, the submition doesn’t go through. I don’t want to delay the review of his pictures any longer. Is there a different way I can send them to you?

    Thank you

  34. Hello Liza-
    I just submitted as an expectant mom. I have previous acting, commercial acting, and modeling experience, and am looking at this as an opportunity to continue on while awaiting the arrival of my baby! Please let me know if you need any more pregnant shots. I included so other previous non-pregnant photos as I wasn’t sure what you were looking for. I am due in January so would love to get to it as I am rounding the home stretch! Thank you so much for your consideration and hoping to hear from you soon.

    God Bless,
    Whitney McCauley Mitchell

    • Hi Whitney,
      I’m interested in representing you. I just sent you an email. Are you available to meet with me this week? My office is based in West Hills-

      Check your in box-


  35. Whitney McCauley Mitchell says:

    Hello Liza,
    Yes I am available this week to meet. I wrote back to the email you sent as well. Just let me know what day and time. I’m really looking forward to meeting with you.

    God Bless,

  36. ileana says:

    hello I am not a previous model iv tried a lot but people wont take me because of my height 5’2. I’d love to get a shot at this i have also had pictures taken but like i said i have trouble with my height. I am 6 weeks pregnant i sent in an application with my photos. if not then that is fine, something like this would be a dream come true for me an absolute blessing :)

  37. Stephanie says:

    I have childhood experience in modeling and pageants. I am almost 4.5 months. I submitted photos of myself which included face shots and one body shot at 4 months. Thanks so much!

    • Please submit your photos on line- However I cannot promise representation. I do rely on recent pre-pregnancy work in current portfolios. As all of my models are not developmental.
      Thank you and Happy New Year!

  38. Tanisha Harris says:

    I understand that you are only looking for women who have previous modeling experience. I am interested in applying but I have no previous experience. I am a mother of 4 and expecting my 5th child in June 2013. I am currently serving my country in the United States Navy. Do you know of any agencies in the Los Angeles area that represent clients with no experience? Thank you for your time as I know you are very busy.

  39. Stephanie Belton says:

    The photos I submitted are current. I meant 4.5 months pregnant not 4.5 months old. They are of me currently in my current stage of pregnancy. Thank you

  40. Cara says:

    Hi Liza/Expecting Models:

    I just found out I’m pregnant, here is my background:
    -live in the NY metro area
    -previous modeling and commercial experience (as a baby, a child, and a young adult-I stopped in order to pursue a career in teaching)…most recent comp card from years ago
    -I am interested in modeling for your agency but I do not have a current comp card or recent portfolio…would I even be considered?
    -With my previous experience, would professional pictures serve just as well as a comp card?

    Please advise.
    Thank you,

  41. Nicole Temoney-Banks says:

    I have no prior modeling experience however I’ve been approached in the past to do some modeling.. I am 5 months pregnant will you be able to find me some jobs? This is just something I would like to try out and do. I have already submitted my photos and information.

  42. Jessica says:

    Hi, I have never professionally modeled before, although three of my aunts are all professional photographers who use me to model for them. I love being in front of the camera and am very photogenic. I’m currently six months pregnant with my second baby and would love to model while my husband is busy following his dreams to become a police officer. I have not yet submitted any photos, I would love to chat and get something going. Thank you for your time

  43. Wynne Wharff says:

    Hi Liza,

    I saw an ad in “backstage” awhile ago and would you believe I saved that article for the day that I would become pregnant to contact you. I am 4+ months pregnant (5 months next week) and was literally going to call you this week. I just went on an audition for “DisCrit films” in Soho and they asked me if I came in through your agency: “Expecting Models.” I said no that I self-submitted via an online casting co and they immediately referred me to you! So i did not waste any time. I submitted my pix right away today. I also posted my website.
    I know that you have many more resources than I could ever get on my own and your reputation is amazing. I live between NY and LA and am also a model pre-pregnancy and an actress and word does get around when you get great work for your models. I’d love to be considered. Thanks

    Wynne Wharff

  44. Carol Rosario says:

    Im looking on becoming a pregnant model and 5 months pregnant. I was on the web looking and came across your site. please contact me

  45. Autumn Jones says:

    Hi Liza,

    I have previous modeling experience and currently heading towards the end of my 2nd trimester. I just submitted my images, hopefully I meet the requirements. I look forward to hearing back from you!

  46. Andrea Clay says:

    I am a little over 7 months pregnant and 5’6″ I’m looking to do maternity clothes modeling, but don’t know if you have any offices in the Boston area or South Coast?

  47. Autumn Jones says:

    Hi Liza,

    Yes pre pregnancy images were submitted. Thank you!

  48. Patience McFarland says:

    Hello lisa,

    I recently submitted my pictures and I just wanted to make sure you have recieved them.


  49. Autumn Jones says:

    Hello Liza,

    I am a professional model and actress who is seeking to continue working in my profession while I am pregnant. I have submitted images and also provided a website link so that you can get a feel for some of the modeling that I’ve done.I can provide additional websites and information upon request.

  50. Michelle Ulerich says:

    Do you have offices in Austin, TX? I am currently 4 months pregnant and considering making a submission of my images and info. I am a professional ballet dancer and also a yoga instructor. I have done both professional photo shoots and modeling for yoga and dance. I also have professional images from my first pregnancy and my now 2.5 year old son has done a bit of modeling too.

    Thank you for your time,
    Michelle Ulerich

  51. Lynsey says:

    Hi there, I’m 8 weeks pregnant and have 9+ years of modeling experience and looking to do some maternity modeling while I can! :) What can I do?

  52. Erica says:

    Hi I am a photographer in Fl, and I was wondering if you have a need for any photos, I have a few that I would like to submit.

  53. Angelica Jimenez says:

    Hi Liza!

    I just tried submitting the form along with my photos and it seems like it doesn’t want to upload. So I’m unsure if it has been recieved or not. If not is there any other possible way i can send my photos? Or know that my submission has been recieved? Hope to hear from you soon!

    Thanks so much,


  54. Faith says:

    Greetings Liza!
    I have submitted my photos for review…just ensuring that you rec’d. I look forward to your feedback!
    Faith Rim

    • Liza Elliott-Ramirez says:

      Thank you so much- At this time, we are signing models with quite developed portfolios. Best of luck with your pregnancy!

  55. Elle says:

    Hello Liza! :)

    On the online submission, there is no way to indicate previous experience; should someone follow up with an email detailing previous modeling/acting experience?

    Thank you so much!

    • Liza says:

      Your pre-pregnancy photos will speak for themselves. I only sign models with developed books.

      I don’t need a list of modeling experience, as your portfolio will show me all the work you’ve done.

      Thank you,

  56. Chara says:

    Hi I am currently 9 months, still very physically active as I have been my whole life. Interested in doing some modeling. This is our first child, my husband and I are very excited. Is it too late to submit photos? Also is there height requirement? I am not professional but I am comfortable with this type of work.

  57. Christy says:

    Hi Liza!
    I am currently located in LA. I am a SAG-Aftra actress registered as Dawn Christie. I will be sending my photos over after my doc appt today. I am so excited to have found your site. I have been working as featured background on the Mindy Project but I definitely prefer principle work. I’m still doing commercial CD workshops and I am very active with swimming and yoga. I’m 4 1/2 months pregnant and will send my pre-pregnancy photos this afternoon!

  58. Julie says:

    Hello! Would you be interested in working with a professional model for bookings in France and/or Europe? I am a professional model living in Paris (size 8-10 US). 36-29-38.5, 5’10.5
    Happy to send over photos if that’s of interest. I’m 3 months pregnant, due beginning of March. Best, Julie

  59. darlene says:

    Hi Liza,
    I think your website is great, it is full of great pregnancy modeling advice as well as pregnancy advice!
    I am currently 18 weeks pregnant with my second child. My baby boy is now 15 months. I have had a lot of people tell me I should be modeling right now, even my lady boss. Presently, I work 50 hours a week and I would love to do modeling instead. I have two concerns: First, I am 30 years old. Second, I have not been with an agency since 2004.
    Should I submit pictures? If so, which ones? Modeling? Random pre-pregnancy or present-day?
    I hope someone answers this so I may act quickly if I receive a green light.
     Thank you for your time and expertize.

  60. Laxmi says:


    Im 5 months pregnant and would love to try pregnancy modelling. I have no professional experience, though I’ve done pageants and pictorials before. Should I submit my current photos or this is only for professional models?



  61. Sheree says:

    Hi Liza,

    I just submitted some candids of myself for consideration! I hope you like them! I am close to New York, and would love to “pop” in to strut my stuff! I am currently 5weeks preggers with my Third baby!!! I’ve always, Always wanted to be a Pregnant model. Please help me make my dream come true! Xo

  62. Catherine says:

    Hello Liza

    Am 12weeks pregnant and i want to be in for pregnant modelling, am a dance artist here in Nigeria and that’s what i do as a form of exercise…….how do i go about it please…..

  63. iris says:

    Hi. I have done a good amount if modeling in my very recent past. Iv done shoots with professional photographers but iv never been part of an agency or more the less goten paid for my photos or shoots but I LOVE MODELING.I am now 22 weeks pregnant and would love to pursue modeling as a maternal model. Is there something jm missing that’s getting meniver looked or is there something I can do to get looked at or concidered? I read your entire log on this website and looked you up on youtube. What should I do now?

    • Liza Elliott-Ramirez says:

      We generally sign models who have been previously signed with a fashion or commercial/theatrical agent. We do view all our submissions and keep a very select board. Thank you and congratulations!

  64. Lynn says:

    I just found out I am 7 weeks pregnant. Do I just have a couple shoots here pretty soon at local photographers? Then will I have the chance for this?

  65. Armeshia says:


    I currently have modeling experience and I am 17 weeks pregnant. Would you like for me to submit both non & professional pictures? I would love to be considered with your agency.

  66. I’m located in the Miami area and do not want to stop my modeling career due to my pregnancy. Submission is fine? Is the a Miami office?

  67. Armeshia Hogue says:

    Ive submitted 2 professional photos along with non professional. I am a publised model. I’ve been featured in a magazine and also on fashion sites. Should I submit more professional photos?

  68. Armeshia Hogue says:

    For clarification, would you like Pregnant Professional pics or can I submit some of my work that I did before I began showing?

    • Liza Elliott-Ramirez says:

      Pre-pregnancy photos that are in your portfolio… The most current tearsheets please.
      Thank you!!

      • Armeshia says:


        I have submitted (4) portfolio pictures, however I wasn’t able to upload my tear sheet. Hope to hear from you soon! Thank you!

  69. Diane says:

    I’ve never modeled but I’m very photogenic. I’m only 8 weeks now and wish to do pregnancy modeling. I’m Located in Louisville, KY do you have any recommendations here?

  70. Miranda says:

    Hello I just submitted my pre pregnancy modeling photos I was represented by haymen talent for two years im very interested I am 5 moths along right now

  71. Brittany♥ says:

    Hello :-)
    My name is Brittany, I more than likely don’t fit your criteria to be represented by you, seeing as I don’t have any prior experience or at least none that has significance. So I was wondering if you world be willing to advice me in the right direction. I’m six months this coming Thu, I’m white and Italian mix…thank you for your time

  72. Becky Grover says:

    I submitted about a month ago and I wanted to follow up. I have modeled professionally for over 15 years and would love to model while pregnant. I am currently 24 weeks. Thanks so much!

  73. Armeshia Hogue says:


    I submitted my information and photos about a month ago and would like to follow up. I also took some professional maternity photos recently and wanted to know if I needed to submit those as well? I really hope to hear from you soon. I just turned 24 weeks.

  74. Jen from Nebraska! says:

    Good afternoon Liza,

    Just submitted my photos and I am very anxious to hear from you! Also, I am eager to find out if I meet your criteria. I feel pregnancy modeling just might be my niche=) I am 5 weeks along with my third child. Thanks and many blessings to you!

  75. Macky says:


    I am 2 months pregnant and I was wondering if you are accepting modeles. I don’t have anything professional done, but I did take a curse in Barbizon a few years ago.
    Please let me know if you are accepting models without experience.
    Thank you in advance for your time and help.

  76. Lilia says:

    My name is lilia I am 29 years old I’m 4 pregnant and I would like to do some model or magazines !

  77. Kalery says:

    I just submitted a few pictures, hope you get a chance to see them.


  78. Kalery says:

    Hi Liza,

    I just submitted a few pictures, hope you get a chance to see them.


  79. Danielle Mills says:

    Hi Liza,

    Can you pls let me know if there are any upcoming auditions for pregnancy modeling….

    Thank you!

  80. Lilia says:

    Hello Liza!Im 5 months pregnant I would love to try to do maternity model ! But u need to be professional model before because I never did model before.

  81. Jennifer Haiar says:

    Hello Liza,

    We just moved back to the states to California from an overseas assignment for my hubby, and I am currently 20 weeks pregnant! I do have previous promo/modeling experience, but living overseas I only worked with a professional photographer to promote web based products so my tear sheet is not from a well known company. I keep trying to submit my information, but my computer continues to think and think and think about sending and never fully submits my request. Is there a size limit on pics or is there another way that I can send my current professional photos, and updated baby bump?


  82. Tamara A. says:

    Hi Liza!

    I have more than 10 years of previous modeling experience and a Pregnancy modeling portfolio. I submitted my photos via the submission page. Please let me know if you have received them! I am currently 5 months pregnant with my 2nd child. Look forward to speaking with you!

    Tamara A.

  83. Amber Johnson says:

    Hello, I am 12 weeks pregnant and showing just a bit :) My quest is, do you need to submit photos showing baby bump?

  84. Jasmine Okafor says:


  85. Amber Johnson says:

    Hello Liza :)
    I am new to message board and I think this is a wonderful way to get knowledge about modeling and motherhood! I am a first time mom and I want to continue modeling throughout my pregnancy and this site has given me hope.
    Thank you :)

  86. Lola Nicole says:

    Hi I’ve done some modeling throughout the tears but nothing really recent except some fashion blog shoots. But my question is I cut my hair, shaved my sides and I am currently platinum blonde, I have piercings and a tattoo on my shoulder. Do you guys hire more modified models or just more natural ones? I’m currently 7 months pregnant and interested in pregnancy modeling.

  87. Carolina says:

    Hi! I just find out I’m pregnant (again). After a break to raise the kids I started finally to get back into acting and I would love to continue that way, now that the wheel seems to be moving, and I hope being pregnant won’t slow it down but just bring new opportunities. I’m just few weeks and I would love to know my possibilities to work with you. I’m in DC area. You can check my site. I would love to have the opportunity and do my best. I just turned 30 this year but people usually think I’m younger due my skinny appearance (size 4 at the moment). If needed I can provide pictures of previous pregnancies.
    Thank you very much!

  88. Thanks for finally talking about >Pregnant
    Modeling- Maternity Models : The Stork Magazine <Loved it!

  89. crystal blocker says:

    Just submitted my information and photos to become a pregnant model. I am currently 10 weeks and have done some professional modeling in the past and love taking photos. I am so excited! I browsed the portfolio online and all of the models look amazing.

  90. I am so thrilled to see this! I am only 5 weeks and have been professional commercial print model for 15 years…. I love the idea of a maternity only agency, what a great idea! I will send submit as soon as I get my new pics in :-)

  91. Desiree Gatcahalian says:

    Hello Liza,

    I modeled for years and I am currently 19 weeks pregnant. I tried to submit my information and my recent pictures to your website. For some reason they are not going thru. Is there another website or an open call I can walk into the office? I would have sent pictures in my first trimester but i wasn’t showing at all. I look forward to working with your agency, thank you!


  92. I love your articles! Being modeling while pregnant is such a privilege and a cool momento for the baby. I wasn’t a professional when I did it, and the experience was so much fun! Thanks for making it so easy to submit pics for consideration!

  93. I do agree with all the ideas you have presented in your post.
    They are really convincing and can certainly work. Nonetheless, the posts are too short for beginners.
    May just you please extend them a bit from subsequent
    time? Thanks for the post.

  94. Michelle F. says:

    I think this is an incredibly helpful article. Like a lot of women commenting here, I didn’t know how to get started with maternity modeling! Will send to friends.

  95. I love being a part Expecting Models!! I was a model before but am experiencing pregnancy for the first time so entering into prego modeling was a huge scare for me. Liza and RhyAnne were super welcoming and walked me through everything I needed to know to be a wonderful pregnant model. They even gave me fashion tips and mommy advice. I can’t say enough great things about EM Talent!!

  96. Camila Damas says:

    I love my agency. And very happy to be represented my expecting models for the second time. You guys rock!

  97. Greetings! I just sent in my submission, I have modeled a lot commercially in the past as well as focused on acting, is that an area your company fills as well? Thanks!

  98. Beth Fraser says:

    Hey Liza!
    I just submitted last night, currently 26 weeks. I was wondering if you would prefer an in-person drop off instead and if so where are you located in LA?
    Thanks and have a good day
    Beth Fraser

  99. matika says:

    Hi I was wondering if u have at least two tattoos will it be okay to still enter because I really want to tryout but doesn’t no if you allow not too drastic or really big one on my leg an one on my stomach

  100. matika says:

    This will be my third child but body in great shape I’m going on three months.

  101. maris says:

    Hi liza,
    I’m about 22 weeks pregnant. I will like to try out in one of your pregnancy model Auditions. I was wondering if u have office in Pittsburgh pa.

  102. Alexis says:

    Im 3 months pregnant and i modeled clothing/hairshows. I was wondering do you want only pictures of me being pregnant or both before and now?

  103. Irene A. says:

    Hi Liz,

    I submitted my photos both non & professional. My pregnancy shoot is set for next week so just sent some of my current and old photos, I hope that is okay.
    I have done commercial modeling with different agencies in Kenya. Originally from Africa. I have lived here for two years and I’m 6months pregnant almost 7 with my first child.
    Kindly consider my application and thanks for the opportunity.
    Irene A.

  104. leaf blower says:

    First off I want to say wonderful blog! I had a quick question in which I’d like to ask if you do not mind.

    I was interested to know how you center yourself and clear your mind before writing.

    I have had a tough time clearing my thoughts in getting my ideas out.
    I do take pleasure in writing however it just seems like the
    first 10 to 15 minutes are lost simply just trying to figure out how to begin. Any recommendations or hints?

    • Liza Elliott-Ramirez says:

      Often times a quiet space helps. You may need to walk away from a piece and come back to it. I do it all the time. It may even take on a different life of it’s own. Depends on the flexibility-

      Good Luck!

      • Nicholas says:

        Hello my name is Nicholas my wife Jennifer is around 7-1/2 months pregnant, we recently took a few pregnancy pics and I was wondering if you can maybe help me in the direction of getting some of her pics shown I’m not doing it for profit she’s just gorgeous to me and I think people would love to see pictures I can send you some if your interested to look I have no idea what I’m doing but I’m trying to just see if I can get here pics seen. Thank you very much for your time.

  105. Sherrie says:


    My name is Sherrie. I am due April 16, 2017. I’m going on my fourth child and I decide that I cant/wont let my pregnancy stop me from pursuing my dreams again and I came across your website and I thought to myself why not give it a chance. I’m 5’7 and weight about 150 pounds. I’m a skinny woman but of course i have that baby weight with a basketball shape stomach. I took some professional pictures when i was 3 months pregnant and I haven’t had anymore pictures done just yet. I would love to have a chance working for you but if I don’t at least i can say I tried. Thank you for your time and hope to hear from you soon.