Music to comfort you’re crying baby

Posted by Liza Elliott-Ramirez January - 23 - 2018
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If your new baby was anything like my first, wailing for unknown reasons had this mom sobbing right along side him. I clearly hadn’t expected weeks of unstoppable loud cries and there was no trick in the book that seemed to work. Like many may agree, music is the tone to tune every soul! “If you can’t beat them, join them!” Up the volume and jam together for a rock and roll path to healing. So that’s what I did!

Here are few options that I experimented with. I’m going to be honest, some worked and some didn’t but I was taking ACTION to comfort my crying baby!

Crying baby

Bouncing: Soft motion such as little bounce is oftentimes comforting to a newborn. So gently stand up with your baby in your arms and mildly rock up and down then side to side. You can even try an exercise birthing ball. Sit down gather a solid sense of balance and bounce. This method has been known to be successful for many new moms in the grips of trying to console a screaming baby.

Dance and Console: If your baby isn’t a fan of bouncing, experiment by playing different types of music. Hold your baby firmly in your arms and move side to side or up and down to the beat. Some baby’s don’t always like whispering and quiet, your little guy may need  stimulation to distract his/her state of being. It’s a gentle way to change the zone.

Dim the lights: When entering the world a baby may become overstimulated. Dimming the lights and reducing noise levels can help restore peace and quiet which may be what she/he needs. Some babies prefer not to be disturbed and prefer to be left alone at times. If this method seems to work, place your baby gently in a bassinet, find a comfortable place where your baby likes to be touched and rock him/her gently.

If the wailing continues, get in touch with your maternal intuition. You may first need to calm yourself down. Infants pick up on their mother’s energy. So it’s important to center yourself. This stage is not forever and will pass. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. It’s important that you get rest so you can be calm and well enough to take care of your little one. Every mom has their moment, so accept where you are, breath and know this is simply part of your process and it’s not forever!

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