How to stay calm and confident during Pregnancy

Posted by Ellen Back November - 1 - 2013
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Pregnancy is an exciting yet often times scary and intimidating experience, mostly for first-time mothers. Although it is normal to feel a little anxious, it’s important to keep stress levels low and remain cool, calm and collected to ensure the health of your body and your baby. Entering motherhood can be a rewarding and satisfying experience once you learn how to mentally and emotionally prepare yourself. Here are five of the most important ways to help you stay calm and confident throughout your pregnancy.

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1. Get educated. Read up on the top-rated pregnancy books and talk to your friends and family members who have already gone through a pregnancy. There’s nothing better than receiving first-hand experience and talking one-on-one about someone’s pregnancy journey. Get involved with your community and search for ways to become more knowledgeable, educated and prepared.
2. Start preparing now. Stock up your fridge on healthy food items to ensure that you maintain a balanced prenatal diet. Start thinking about how you would like to design your baby’s room and create a budget for your baby’s must-haves. Also be sure to buy the essentials now and have a pregnancy bag in preparation for the big day.
3. Build a support group. Confide in your loved ones when you are struggling or in need of help. Better yet, join a pregnancy group in your neighborhood or ask your health care provider to recommend one for you. Speaking to other expectant moms will give you a chance to vent and share advice. Who knows your situation better than someone who is right there going through it too?
4. Take prenatal classes. Sign up for a childbirth class to help you calm your fears. These courses will be a great way for you to mentally prepare for what’s to come. Ease up on the labor-day anxiety by practicing useful labor techniques and gaining valuable knowledge on the ins and outs of pregnancy.
5. Practice yoga. Yoga is a great meditation technique that helps women cope with daily stresses. A couple of minutes of yoga a day can help you master your fears and what’s even better is that it’s easily practiced in the comfort of your own home. Yoga allows you to release tension and center your mind and body. It has been proven to have a positive impact on the lives of many, leaving moms feeling calm and confident during childbirth.

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