Husbands, act like husbands. Wives, act like wives?

Posted by Liza Elliott-Ramirez March - 21 - 2013
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Husbands, act like husbands. Wives, act like wives.

 Has androgyny challenged us by blurring the expected gender roles?

 If so, what are we supposed to do if our husbands or wives are not living up to their word? How many times do we have to ask for help around the house or help with the kids before we just do it ourselves? We wish we didn’t have to ask, but relationships are a team effort. One person cannot carry all the weight. Granted, there is a lot of pressure on married couples to perform certain gender roles. How is the stay-at-home dad supposed to take care of the home, pick up the kids from school, make dinner, and manage to financially support the family? It’s a lot of work to balance! He needs to be super dad with these expectations. In contrast, how is the career mom supposed to juggle her full-time job, spending quality time with kids, go on auditions and keep that spark alive? It’s nearly impossible! Is there any room to take care of ourselves? We can’t lose sight of our individual needs.  Like everything in the cosmos, there needs to be equilibrium. That harmonic balance is vital to the success of your marriage… and sanity.

Naturally, there are pros and cons with every circumstance.

Stay-At-Home Dad or Parent


  1. Available to run errands and pick kids up from school
  2. Can prepare dinner
  3. Wash laundry and dishes (that’s a little bit of a reach)
  4. Prefers to stay home


  1. Stressed out constantly
  2. Doesn’t feel confident about his role in the family
  3. Struggling with money
  4. Lowered sex drive

Career Mom or Parent


  1. Supports family income
  2. Enjoys working outside of home
  3. Feels positive and successful about life
  4. Built career-related relationships


  1. Misses moments with the kids (plays, soccer games, etc)
  2. Tired when she gets home
  3. Nags on hubby why the housework isn’t done
  4. Lowered sex drive

Sit down with your significant other and make a list of the pros and cons. If you can spot the gaps, you’re halfway there! Work together to create a positive more balanced routine.

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