I’m Pregnant- Can I sleep on my back?

Posted by Liza Elliott-Ramirez August - 16 - 2014
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For decades doctors have told pregnant women not to sleep on their back at night. The reason being, if your’re lying flat on your back, the uterus may compress blood vessels and diminish the baby’s blood supply. However between interrupted sleep during bathing breaks and your baby’s kicks during the night, your not getting enough sleep anyway. . .

The fact is, during labor women lie on their back and that’s when the uterus is the biggest and can place the most pressure on the baby. So Surprise, go ahead have a good nights sleep and get comfy. You need all the rest you can get!

Pregnant-Woman- sleeping on her back

3 Responses so far.

  1. E Jaye says:

    I’ve been so concerned because I constantly wake up on my back! Funny enough, it actually hurts my back to lay that way, so the pain wakes me up throughout the night and I roll over onto my side:)

  2. Camila Damas says:

    I sleep mostly on my side but everytime j wanna feel the baby moving I have to lay flat

  3. Michelle F. says:

    E Jaye, I am the same way! I have been so worried about my sleep positions. My dr said that my body would warn me if it didn’t like what I was doing, so that might be why you feel pain when on your back.