I’m Pregnant: I want it all and I want it now!

Posted by Kristy Richman February - 10 - 2015
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Cravings are a natural part of pregnancy but just because you are craving a ten piece chicken nugget, that doesn’t necessarily mean that’s what your body needs. When you have specific cravings it usually means that your body isn’t craving that food, but rather that it’s craving something that is inside of that food.

Pregnancy at times is an excuse to over eat or eat anything that you desire. According to the Institution of Medicine the weight gain during pregnancy should range between 25-35 pounds. Exercise, sleep, proper diet, and nutrition all go hand in hand while you are carrying that little bundle of joy.

Pregnant model cravings

If you’re dreaming of salted french fries and munching down on Doritos, your body is most likely lacking sodium. So what should you consume that is on the healthier side for you and your baby? Well, you could eat that burger with the buttered bun and bacon you’ve been fantasizing about or you could opt for low sodium popcorn and pretzels, or organic burgers with a lettuce bun and minimal condiments just to add flavor here and there.

 Let’s sweet talk; If you’re craving that brownie sundae it could be your body and baby screaming for calcium or certain fats. Instead of indulging in a high calorie feast, nonfat frozen yogurt, with fresh berries is a nice alternative. Feeling the urge to eat a slice of cake? Try banana or zucchini breads and allow the natural sugars to come through.

 If you find yourself craving any non food items, which is not as strange as it actually sounds. It’s possible that you have zinc or iron deficiency that is related to a condition known as pica. If this craving occurs, do not act upon it, but contact your physician so you can both work out a dietary plan that works for you and your little one.

 Every once and a while it’s perfectly okay to entertain in these desires but the every day  pregnancy cravings can be replaced by a healthier alternative.

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