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Posted by Liza Elliott-Ramirez January - 9 - 2011
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As a new mom, you barely sleep. Squeezing in the rest you need feels impossible. All the changes can feel overwhelming and lack of sleep thrown into the mix is a real whammy.

The longer you’re in it, the stronger you’ll become. As you blend into your experience, you’ll soon realize, it’ll all get done!

You will gain confident as stress becomes a commonplace. Once you realize the baby and kids will always out do you, you’ve hit the home stretch.

Motherhood 2011

Stop trying to figure it out. Sometimes it’s as simple as rolling with the punches and letting intuition guide you.

Laugh when you’ve been spat up on for the 50th time. Then laugh even harder when your kid  spills milk all over the kitchen floor.

It’s not that serious…



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  1. Yup every stage has its “spit up” and every stage has the “first smile” moments!